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RIM is working on an update to their official Twitter app. So far the most important feature they have added is the support for multiple accounts. They have also introduced a shortcut (ALT+SPACE), so that users can switch between accounts quickly. There are more changes in the new version regarding timeline and mentions.

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Twitter 4BB

The known changes include:

Tweet Refresh – The new version will notify users on every Tweet and not according to time specified in application Options

Social Feeds – Users are unable to view user profiles of multiple @mentions, therefore the new update will fix this issue

Messages – In the existing version, moving cursor to the right in message list causes the list to scroll to the bottom (should go up or down one line)

More changes are coming in the new update according to RIM. You can check them out in the BlackBerry Beta Zone.

In my opinion there are three features that the next update should really have:

1. Top Tweets – Twitter for BlackBerry can show Top Tweets like Twitter for iPhone app in the Search Tab. It’s a very important feature which helps a twitter user to know about the current news without following anyone.

2. Translate – even though Twitter is now available in various languages, Twitter for BlackBerry can add an option to translate a certain tweet into the preferred language of a user.

3. Re-Tweets – on the official Twitter website the Re-Tweets tab has been removed and replaced with an Activity tab which shows your mentions, your tweets which have been re-tweeted by others, whether someone favourited any of your tweets or listed your account to their list. However, there is no way to find out only the tweets of yours which have been re-tweeted, or the tweets which you have re-tweeted so far. This is another feature which Twitter for iPhone offers and I think Twitter for BlackBerry should offer in their next updates.

Hopefully Twitter for BlackBerry gets lots of new features in the upcoming days and thus satisfies the not-so-happy RIM users. I will review the updated Twitter for BlackBerry app once it is released officially.


  1. The new version will notify
    users on every Tweet and not according to
    time specified in application Options

    I’m am not cool with this. Without time intervals it would be too intrusive for my liking.

  2. if u un-check the option “notify on new tweets”, then i think u can avoid this notification. u just set the time interval after which u want the app to check for new tweets for example 10 mins

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