Kenyan mobile subscribers to register their SIM cards afresh

If you think that things are bad in Nigeria between the NCC and operators in bungling the SIM registration exercise, you might need to reconsider. In Kenya, the regulator has apparently given a directive that all subscribers should register their lines afresh. All of them. Somebody needs to tell angry Nigerian subscribers to calm down.

Kenyan mobile subscribers - SIM cards

According to Airtel Kenya, the regulator has added new details to the SIM registration form and wants all Kenyan mobile subscribers to re-register. Airtel Kenya is asking all their customers to “pass by an Airtel shop with their original ID to register”. Here is a tweet to that effect from the official Airtel Kenya Twitter handle:

We wonder what new details the Kenya telecoms regulator has cooked up that has necessitated this. Yes; wonders will never end.

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