App Stop is a Symbian application that I use often. When you use your smartphone, a lot of applications are opened and left running in the

Killer App Series: App Stop for Symbian

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App Stop is a Symbian application that I use often. When you use your smartphone, a lot of applications are opened and left running in the back ground. This may slow down the performance of your phone and increase the discharge of battery power.

App Stop closes all running applications instantly on the Nokia N8 / C7 / 5800 / N97. App Stop also shuts down all hidden background tasks that are not visible in the built-in task switcher. It also allows you to set a widget in your home screen to shut down all applications with two presses of a button.

Great app, I assure you. One of the best ways I use it is to close all apps running when I’m not going to use the phone for a while (e.g before going to bed.)

You can download App Stop from the Ovi Store.


  1. Leaving lots of apps running In the background will surely drain the battery faster. It may also make you’r phone more prone to crashing. As you keep opening and closing apps, there are memory leaks, thus depleting available memory..

    The bad news is,-lots of the really useful apps need to run In the background to do their job.

    It is iinstructive to note that lots of thirdparty task managers have the .’kill all’ functionality as part of their standard feature. Example of such apps are Best Taskman, JBak TaskMan, Handy Taskman and Swiss Manager Pro. Alli these apps seek to manage your phone memory more efficiently (in addition to other functions)

    There is also MemoryUp…

  2. My experience with Symbian suggests that 3rd party task managers are largely not required for Symbian3 devices. They seem to go on and on without issues. I have found myself with 14 running apps without noticing a slowdown on my devices.

    I use the built-in task switcher to kill off individual apps that I need to shut down, as well as all running apps the few times that I have needed to.

    So far, memory management on both my N8 and E7 seem adequate.

  3. “So far, memory management on both my N8 and E7 seem adequate.”

    Precisely! Symbian^3 manages battery and memory very well. And if I have to conserve battery even more, I just enter Power-saving Mode.

  4. Thirdparty MemoryMenAger are needed largely for devices with inadequate amount of onboard memory – like my Nokia 5800. Certainly not for devices like the Nate / E7.

    However, it should be noted that they also give u d ability able to access & launch your installed app more conveniently and quickly.

    So, even on an E7 / N8(with adequate memory) a ‘JBak Taskman’ would be inVALUABLE.

    I listed some of the better known memoryMen in the Symbian world – for the benefit of those who may find the info useful.

    Incidentally, I do not currently use a memoryMan on the Nokia 5800 fo its memory management function. I rather use it for quick access to my apps. I only keep background tasks active, when essential. I kill off an app once I finish with it. The battery-saving benefit of this -more than justifies the little time spent In restarting that app.

    Most of the memoryMen mentioned above allow speedy access to your apps – usually listing the most recently accessed app at the top of the ‘most recent list’..

    If you are the type that does not switch off your phone, it us recommended that your restart phone after every few days to regain ‘leaked memory’. I fo not know of this would still hold with the latest Symbian ^3 – though..

  5. Talking bout task managers handy taskman seems to be e best for me. Takes you to any app easily and very intuitive to use generally.

  6. Symbian ^3 phones like the Nate are power phones. You just can’t compare with the Symbian ^1 phoness. Especially 5230 that i ptesently use! Task managers are invaluable to me. My best is the Handy Taskman. It gets the job done. Although with Eyebeekay’s excellent post above, methinks I’ll try the other recommendations.

  7. @Shaynan / AfewGoodMen )>>I have used all those memory Men I mentioned, but I recommend Jbak TaskMan enthusiastically.

    In addition to being able to compress memory, the latest version (v1.41) has a built in.file manager, allows speedy access to your apps, you can define shortcuts made up of torch, file manager, document, telephone contact, email adress, a URL, sms – like on your desktop computer.

    You can also define screen brightness for each app / profile.

    For the touchscreens, you can user thee app adf big lettered digital clock.

    It can list threads and processes, lock your keypad, kill all your apps and reboot your phone.

    Simply put, NOTHING comes even close to this app In the Symbian world.

    It is a free app by a Russian whizkid.

    See and click the English tab. (note you need to sign this latest app, Alternatively, you may try out an earlier signed version.

    ( ..Juriy also has the best text editor for a symbian (s60 v 3) phone – DEdit )

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