5 ways that smartphones can make your life easier

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Not too long ago, smartphones were not seen as essential tools. Today, everyone has a smartphopne! The traditional functions of mobile phones, phone calls and text messages, are now just a small segment of what smartphones are capable of. Smartphones are portable computers in our pockets loaded with features to make our lives easier. Here are a few things that your smartphone is capable of.


  1. Your smartphone can help improve your Health
    Health is a very important aspect of human endeavour. Your smartphone can help you measure your pulse, heartbeat, speed, and more. With ever increasing intensive lifestyles, the role of apps that help us to do quick health checks cannot be overemphasized. Many apps that utilize the camera and flash of smartphones to check heart rate have been developed. Weight, height and speed are all measured now using various apps on our smartphones.
  2. Your smartphone can help help you remotely operate other items
    Mobile technology has made it possible for our smartphones to be synchronized with our cars, doors and TVs. Now you can actually remotely open your home door, switch off your television, or open your car booth by just a few clicks on your smartphone.
  3. Your smartphone can help you shop more conveniently
    Day in – day out, people buy and sell several items and render countless services via the internet. This makes smartphones very vital tools as many people use various apps to either buy/sell items, book hotels, order for food, etc. without even moving from the comfort of their homes.
  4. Your smartphone can provide detailed maps and directions
    Smartphones can pinpoint your location, as well as help you navigate around a city that you are unfamiliar with. Navigation and map apps now offer voice guidance, spo you can find your way around easily. There are apps that help you locate the nearest stores, banks, fuel stations, and more.
  5. Your smartphone can help you catch more fun
    For lovers of entertainment, smartphones come in really handy. Many smartphones these days can instantly identify songs, their titles and the artistes who made them. Many games are available on our smartphones.

It is amazing what smartphones are capable of already. The above list is not exhaustive. In addition, newer technologies and uses for smartphones are emerging by the minute and our smartphones become more and more capable. Are there other stuff that you do with your smartphone that are not listed above? Share in the comments below.

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