Honda has a self driving car: See what it looks like

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At the first mention of self driving cars, what initially comes to mind is the Tesla and maybe Google’s efforts in that direction. No one would have thought Honda is also working towards a similar project. PCMAg gave us a first look at Honda’s Self-Driving Car – The Acura RLX.


Basically, the car has a lot of gizmos that allow it the operate without human input. The testbed (above the car) is packed with cameras, sensors, and AI algorithms. The car first uses a radar and lasers to detect potential road obstacles. The cameras scans the objects to ascertain if they’re pedestrians, cars, or, whatever.

This is relayed to the to the several GPUs and CPUs inside the car, this then controls the motor to brake, and steer on how best to avoid the obstacle. The car was undergoing tests in an abandoned park in California, as the company doesn’t yet have an official permit to test in real roads. Below is a short video of the car in action.

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