Konka R2 photos and first impressions

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The Konka R2 is a 4G LTE smartphone that Ntel is currently pushing in Nigeria. We got our hands on one and took a few quick photos for pleasure, as well as give our first impressions of the device. Enjoy our Konka R2 photos and first impressions.

Gallery of Konka R2 Photos

Konka R2 photos homescreen

Konka R2 photos rear

Konka R2 photos camera

Konka R2 photos side

Konka R2 photos app drawer

Konka R2 First Impressions

With a 5.5-inch display, the R2 is large. But it feels like A 6-device. It has nice rounded edges though and feels solidly built. The metal frame feels nice in the hand, adding a touch of premium to the overall design. We can’t help the feeling that the Konka R2 is what Infinix Note phablets with a premium design would look and feel like instead of the current bland plastic look and feel that they have.

The R2’s 2,700 mAh battery feels rather small for a 5.5-inch 4G smartphone, but we’ve seen other devices with doubtful battery capacities hold their own, so we will get back to you in our full review. The 8 megapixel, front-facing camera surprised us though with very good photographs.

Do expect our full review, as always. Do not forget to have a look at the Konka R2 specifications as well. Keep the dial locked to Mobility Arena. 😉

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