Kunkun Body tells you when you stink

On hot days, people tend to sweat, especially if they have been walking outdoors. This sweat causes body odors, and in some cases these odors get really offensive without us knowing. Therefore, it would be a good idea for people to avoid getting sweaty during the day. However, seeing as that is practically impossible for people who have places to get to and work to do, there has to be a means to detect out body odor when it gets too bad. Luckily, someone has come up with a technological solution. Japanese tech company Konica Minolta has launched a device that alerts you when your body odor becomes noxious. This device is known as the Kunkun Body system.

The Kunkun Body system is a small, Bluetooth-enabled device shaped like a tape recorder. It connects to your phone through an app, and it alerts you when your bodily fumes become too bad. Thus it protects you from a potentially embarrassing situation when someone else calls you out on your B.O.Kunkun Body

According to The Guardian, Konica Minolta believes that there is a market for the device in Japan because people are particularly sensitive to smell there. There’s even a word for the behavior of office workers who annoy others with their body fumes – sumehara, or smell harassment. It’s certainly quite embarrassing to be accused of sumehara in any country.

The Kunkun Body system focuses on four body areas- the armpits, feet, had and behind your ears. According to Konica Minolta, the device detects sweaty stink, middle-fat odors, and what the Japanese describe as karesihu, or old people smell. It is unclear how to react to notifications of bodily stank, though. This device could potentially change people’s lifestyles drastically.

Kunkun Body is currently on sale for around $265. Already, the crowdfunding page created for the product has been deemed a success. However, the company stated that it has no plans to sell the device outside Japan. Hopefully, the company will relent on this position in future, as this device could prove really useful.


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