Lady in Red and my Elite Silver Bluetooth headset

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She kept staring at me. It was quite an uncomfortable feeling and I tried to lower my gaze. Then I kicked myself. “Say something, boy!” However, before I could cook up something, she she asked, “Is that a hearing aide?”

lady in red elite silver

“God forbid! It is a Bluetooth headset,” I replied to her delight.

“Oh!,” she said. “I like it. How much did you get it?”

I smiled and replied, “I sell it for N12,500”.

Swot elite silver in ear

Next thing I knew, she asked me to follow her to a nearby ATM. I replied that I had a POS machine in my bag. With a smile on her face, she said, “You seem to have solutions already”.

“Maybe that is because I’m Swot Solutions,” I replied with a Kiss Daniel smile. We both laughed out loud. To cut a long story short, we transacted. But before departing, I asked if I could get her number. She politely declined but took mine. I am still waiting for her call with my Elite Bluetooth headset glued to my ear. I hope that she will call me soon using hers. This has been a supercalifragilisticexpiadocious experience 😀

Get Your Elite Silver Bluetooth headset

Interested in the Elite Silver Bluetooth headset? Call/WhatsApp: 08022891860. Bluetooth for the elite! Check out more photos below:

Elite Silver display

Motorola Silver Elite in case

Elite Silver Bluetooth headset


  1. You got a sale purely by chance. Just be thankful and move on. At least she knows if she needs something else how to contact you. Please tell me you gave her your business card, not just ya number!

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