Lagos people are troublesome: Airtel launches 4G service in Ibadan

Everyone knows that Lagos people are troublesome. They are too demanding and in the early stages of an internet service, are to be avoided for the sake of world peace. Smile 4G believed so and executed accordingly. And now, Airtel has launched 4G service in the same Ibadan instead of Lagos.

Airtel launches 4G service in Ibadan

Let me tell you the story of my visit to an Airtel outlet in Lagos yesterday. I walked in and requested for a SIM swap. Just as the form was about to be handed to me, I added that I would like a 4G SIM. The representative replied that neither 4G nor LTE SIM cards were available in Lagos yet.

When I mentioned that subscribers in Ibadan were already swapping Airtel 4G SIMs, he told me that was true and that the old city was selected for their 4G trial run. Aha! So, Airtel was deliberately avoiding Lagos wahala.

Ibadan Wins Again

You know. Lagos wahala includes enlightened, data-hungry people who do 40GB downloads in 24 hours and would stress the heck out of any teething network. Early reports of Airtel 4G speeds from Ibadan subscribers indicate a maximum download speed of less than 30Mbps. And Ibadan people are deliriously happy with that.

Lagos people, on the other hand, would have been screaming and complaining about how this 4G network doesn’t feel like 4G LTE at all. Heck; Lagos people (and Abuja people too) complained about 60Mbps LTE speeds during Ntel’s 4G launch phase.

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Airtel launches 4G service in Ibadan

Airtel Launches 4G Service In Ibadan

So, today, I was not surprised to find that Airtel is pushing out official media about their 4G service in Ibadan. They mean business, and they won’t let you pesky Lagos and Abuja people spoil it for them.

All you can do now is pine and wish you were all better behaved. You guys should have listened when momma was trying to instill that valuable home training in you years ago. Too late now.

Meanwhile, I am contemplating a quick drive to Ibadan tomorrow to swap my SIM card, get that 4GB free 4G trial bonus data that Ibadan people are enjoying, and have a taste just so I can say that I am not one of you. I understand that there are one or two tech hubs inside Ibadan where I can cool my heels too, so that after my rendezvous with Airtel, I won’t have to roam around like a lost soul in search of redemption.

Maybe I will do that drive. I have been itching for one for a while anyway.

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5 thoughts on “Lagos people are troublesome: Airtel launches 4G service in Ibadan

  • February 13, 2018 at 2:35 pm

    Pls tell them that we’ve been waiting for the 4g since last year o. If they don’t want wahala they’d better make it available in Lag and PH like they promised. Girls’ not hot.

  • February 13, 2018 at 6:42 pm

    What could be going through Airtel mind for doing this, why leaving Lagos behind?

  • February 14, 2018 at 1:56 am

    I reside in Ibadan and it’s not easy getting the 4G sim. Most of the vendors here will ask you to pay N500 before a swap is done thereby frustrating everyone.

    • February 14, 2018 at 3:42 pm

      Bros pay N500 now. Won’t you get 4GB data free?

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