Facebook fixes latest Messenger battery drain

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It is no longer news that if you are experiencing rapid battery and/or data drain on your Android smartphone, you will likely find the Facebook and Messenger apps among the culprits – if they aren’t the only culprits. In the last few days, users of Messenger have complained of massive battery drain by the app. So, how can you fix this latest Messenger battery drain?

Facebook Messenger for Android - Messenger battery drain

Facebook say this latest battery issue with Messenger is server-based and has now been fixed. If the issue affects your device, all you have to do is close the app and then start it again and you should be good.

I haven’t noticed any huge drain on my battery in recent times, so it looks like the issue didn’t affect my device. Let us know how things are at your end.


  1. And, now, how about the rapid DATA drain?.

    Someone wailed , on Reddit..

    Facebook App Gobbled Up 1.7gb Of My Data While I Was In A Meeting G, And I Had Background Data Off!.

    What’s Happening?

    I wonder why Facebook cannot implement data saving measures like optional compression, etc, to encourage data misers to adopt their native app.

    Yes, there is Swipe Pro, Friendly and the rest of the third party Facebook clients, but they also can’t compete on data parsimony, lime using a browser on Opera mini).

    Facebook Lite is also hard on data.

    So, I currently do all my facebooking on a browser to save coins

  2. I experienced it day before yesterday when Facebook and messenger. I vex uninstall dem both. Rubbish. Messenger was even zapping 200mb of space for no reason. Switched to Trillian for messenger.

    I might install Facebook again later sha

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