LEAGOO S10, others released at HK Global Source Exhibition

What is the most futuristic smartphone nowadays on the market when rear dual camera and full display phones became things of the past? How about a phone with rear triple camera and under-display fingerprint sensor? If your answer is yes, then maybe you could take a closer look at LEAGOO S10.

Leagoo S10

LEAGOO announced its latest innovation S10 at the HK Global Sources Exhibition with a whole bunch of excitements from its fans. After all, even Apple and SAMSUNG’s flagships don’t feature rear triple camera and under-display fingerprint technologies. With S10’s futuristic features and LEAGOO’s cost-effective traditions, it seems apparent that it will be LEAGOO’s next best-seller once it is launched. So far, however, the specs and price details of LEAGOO S10 are not yet released.

Leagoo S10 under-display fingerprint sensor

Leagoo S10 24MP + 16MP + 8MP


Launched on MWC2018 in Barcelona this February, LEAGOO S9 soon became LEAGOO’s best-seller on Amazon, AliExpress, JUMIA and Lazada, etc. While S9 is claimed to be the world’s first Android Notch Display phone supporting 65MP ultra-HD shot, its upgraded version LEAGOO S9 Pro brings larger display and bigger storage, providing even better experience for its users.

S9 Pro
(6.18 inch FHD+, 4GB+64GB, Octa Core)

Leagoo S9 Pro (6.18 inch FHD+, 4GB+64GB, Octa Core)

(5.85 inch HD+, 4GB+32GB, Octa Core)

Leagoo S9 (5.85 inch HD+, 4GB+32GB, Octa Core)

Power 5
7000mAh LEAGOO Power 5 is claimed by LEAGOO as the genuine big battery phone with real battery capacity, ideal for those who are troubled by short battery life and misled by false battery advertising. According to LEAGOO, its Power 5 can have up to 4 days endurance without charging.

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(7000mAh, 5.99 inch FHD+, Octa-core, 6GB RAM, 64GB ROM, dual camera)

Leagoo Power 5 7000mAh, 5.99 inch FHD+, Octa-core, 6GB RAM, 64GB ROM, dual camera)

The XRover is LEAGOO’s first initiation to launch a high-end rugged phone. With 18:9 full screen and military-grade protection level, the XRover is highly resistant against drops and scratches. LEAGOO says it can reduce screen broken rate by 90%.

(IP68, 5.72 inch, Octa Core, 6GB+128GB, 5000mAh Battery)

Leagoo XRover (IP68, 5.72 inch, Octa Core, 6GB+128GB, 5000mAh Battery)

LEAGOO New Retail Ecosystem

Have enough with smartphones and want to enjoy something new? Guess that’s why LEAGOO brought their non-smartphone products such as AI speakers, Wireless Chargers, all-in-one PCs, Notebooks and Tablets on the stage.

Leagoo retail ecosystem

Leagoo range of products

All these new products are for LEAGOO’s New Retail Strategy, according to LEAGOO CEO Mr Johnson Zhuang, “LEAGOO New Retail aims to redefine commerce by enabling seamless engagement between the online and offline world. It’s about building a retail ecosystem that blends online and offline channels in a unified way that features the consumer at the center, often in new and unexpected ways”.

Leagoo product line

With today’s smartphone market growing to be increasingly competitive, LEAGOO finds its way to become an ecosystem product provider as to avoid endless price wars and product clones. As a result of ecosystem strategy, we believe LEAGOO’s future products will get even more diversified and innovative across all sectors of smart devices!

Know more details about LEAGOO new retail platform :

LEAGOO S9 global reservation, only $1.99 to snap ! :

LEAGOO Power 5 global reservation, only $1.99 to snap:

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