LeapFrog Academy keeps kids busy during the holidays

There are times when it seems impossible to separate kids from mobile devices. This is usually more evident during the holidays, when the kids have little else to do but play. During this period, you might as well give the kids something educational to play with on the mobile devices. For example, you could hook them up with LeapFrog Academy, which is a virtual learning app designed just for kids.

LeapFrog Academy offers curriculums in adventure from for preschool students through first grade. There is a wide selection of more than 1,000 learning activities, covering subjects like math, science and reading, along with social-emotional skills and creativity. Also, the app curates personalized content depending on the child’s progress through different adventures.LeapFrog Academy

There are 32 pre-designed tracks, known as Learning Adventures. Each is made up of three to eight lessons, with six activities per lesson, and by the time you reach the end of an adventure, you will have been exposed to a full range curriculum. There is also a rewards system, which is represented through marbles collected from completing activities, logging in every day, and finding hidden pieces throughout the game. There are also fun facts included about the pieces you have unlocked or collected to add to the learning process.

For kids, the customization and unique graphics of LeapFrog Academy will surely keep them busy for hours. If there comes a time when they do not want to go through the different levels, they can make use of the catalogue tool, which separates different activities based on the category, to choose any activity they like. All of the content has been created specifically for LeapFrog Academy, and the company plans to continuously add more. Now, parents can keep a closer eye on what areas their child is struggling in and curate which learning activities to expose them to when next they play, without the kids knowing that this is actually for their own educational benefit.

LeapFrog Academy is available for download on Android and iOS. It runs on a subscription of $8 per month, which includes free user profiles per subscription. You can also get a free trial on LeapFrog Academy’s website.

LeapFrog Academy keeps kids busy during the holidays
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LeapFrog Academy keeps kids busy during the holidays
During the holidays, you might as well give the kids something educational to play with on the mobile devices, like LeapFrog Academy for example.
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