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One of the most wholesome things you can do with your time is acquiring new knowledge and skills. With the mobile phone being such a personal device, what else is best suited for self development? Funzi is a mobile-specific web portal that allows you learn on your phone. We took a trip with it, and here’s our verdict:

The first step is to visit the website: on any mobile browser. The website user interface is very straightforward and easy to use. Plus, it is free to use. You select your language, and then sign up as a new user. I did mine through Twitter. You can also sign up through Facebook, as it saves you the stress of remembering a new username and password.


Once logged in, you can then browse through the courses available to pick anyone of your choice. I picked the first course, “Get your dream internship”. It comprised of 6 courses or chapters. I quickly dived into the first chapter and read through it.


After going through the course, I was presented with a quiz of one question. The question was gotten from the 3 pages of the chapter, hence, it was easy to answer. If followed religiously, the course would take 7 days to complete.

Funzi-Completion (1)

Final Words

Learning through Funzi is easy and straight forward. Though not offering certificates, it offers you badges for any skill acquired. Funzi is an easy and cost free way of developing yourself on your mobile. Beyond gaming, watching movies, or reading news, using Funzi is another way of taking good advantage of your mobile device for self development.


  1. Thanks a lot for the review Elroy! Glad to hear you enjoy learning with Funzi! Do let us know in case you have any additional feedback – we love to hear from our users:)
    Saila / Funzi

  2. Hi Simon!
    Glad to hear you are interested! Funzi is phasing out the old Android app and focusing all development efforts on in the future, so just click yourself to the webpage and start learning:)
    Saila / Funzi

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