In our country Nigeria, I believe a lot of peeps are still sticking and holding on to their legacy blackberries (by legacy, I mean blackberries

Legacy BlackBerry isn’t dead yet: Here are some cool apps you can try

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In our country Nigeria, I believe a lot of peeps are still sticking and holding on to their legacy blackberries (by legacy, I mean blackberries running from OS 5 to 7.1). The reasons for this are not far fetched. Networks down here offer very cheap data plans for blackberry users compared to their Android counterparts, so if you must stay connected at the lowest budget, then owning a legacy BlackBerry will ideal for you.

In public forums, Android trolls have begged networks to introduce cheaper data plans they can use. They even went ahead to make an online petition, hoping the networks will hear their cries and reduce data rates. Airtel responded, and came up recently, with a fairly cheap plan for android users but we still want something similar or close to what the Blackberry folks are enjoying.

Back to my story, BlackBerry OS as it is, has been perceived to be marred by a lack of apps. But then among the few available, there are still some very cool apps you can try. I’ve compiled a few of them with their OTA(Over-the-Air) download links:

Capture Nux: This is a cool app for taking screenshots. The remarkable feature of this app is that you can also edit your screenshots immediately after grabbing. It has neither watermarkings nor ads. Click here to grab it.

Super Memo: This app adds steroids to your default Blackberry Memopad app, and makes it possible to backup/restore your notes as a text file on your SD card. Grab Super Memo here

Instagram fix: This is a web service that replicates Instagram for Blackberry users. Get it here

Memboo: This app helps you clear up your phone’s RAM. Whenever your phone freezes up too much or you get the rolling clock too frequently, open it up and free some memory space. You can also use it to clear event logs. download Memboo here.

Force close: With this app you can force close (totally shut down) apps like BBM. This app hides all notifications till whenever you open the app. Click here to get it.

Menu plus: With this, you can add options like Torch, Battery status, Screen capture etc. to your menu options. The app is lightweight and does more than its size. You’ll have Check for Menu Plus on Blackberry World from your phone.

Multi clipboard: This is a simple efficient clipboard app that stores whatever you copy. And you still have access to them whenever you want. Download it here

Nux torrent: Who says blackberry can’t handle torrents? 🙂 I tried this app on a Curve 9320 running OS7.1, I was able to download a torrent file just once. Subsequent trials returned errors. You can still check it out and share your experience with it. Click here

YReader: This is by far the best epub reader out there for Blackberry and its totally free, Search for, and download it from Blackberry world on your phone.

Gmail app: This app helps you acess multiple Gmail accounts. The app has been discontinued, but there’s an available link to grab it. Click here

Logic Mail: This is another cool email app for adding extra email accounts though it doesn’t work with BIS . Check out their official site. Sadly this app isn’t available for OS 7 and 7.1

If you have another nice share, do let us know.


  1. That List Of Apps Sounds Interesting, If Not Impressive, For People Used To An OverAbundance Of Apps On A Mobile Platform.

    But Then, The Allure For A Blackberry Has Dwindled Considerably For Me.

    The Only Attraction For That Platform.. Cheap Data.. Is No Longer So
    Compelling With The Advent Of Sme Data Bundles By Etisalat And Mtn.

    I Hope Other Networks Would Soon Join In That.

    While The Cheapness Of Data May Not Be Quite At The Level Of Those Offered For Blackberry By The Networks, It’s Good Enough To Prevent One From Getting Saddled With A (Soon To Be) Dead / Comatose Platform..

    2gb For N2,000 Is Not So Shabby.

    Airtel Responded, And Came Up
    Recently, With A Fairly Cheap Plan For Android
    Users But We Still Want Something Similar
    Or Close To What The Blackberry Folks Are Enjoying.

    No; It’s Actually More Expensive…

    As A Matter Of Fact, If You Do The Maths, You Will Realize That The New Airtel Bundle For Android/iOs Is Actually More Expensive Than The N1,200 For 1 Gigabyte That Was Originally Available.

    With That 1Gb Cut Down To 512mb For N1,200 (Via Double Data Billing), And This New One Effectively Cut To N2,000 For 1.3gb (Due To 1.5x Billing During Waking Hours), What We Should Be Analyzing Is.. Which Is Better..

    N2,000 For 1.3gb = 1,538.46
    N1,200 For 512mb = 2,343.75

    You Would Notice That The New .. So Called Cheaper.. Airtel Data Bundle For Android / iOs .. Is Actually More Expensive That The Former (Double Billed) N1,200 For 1gb!

    Conclusively, I would Let The “Sleeping” BlackBerry Just “Lie”.. In Peace.

  2. I kept on going back to blackberry cos of the instant notifications though Android handle this perfectly too but still never learn how to switch my android data on for 24 hours. It’s like a problem for everybody I’ve talk to after the 5/10 min on their Android they have to switch of the data but on blackberry lot of people don’t even believe you can switch off the data thereby getting their notifications instantly. Those who even know you can switch of BlackBerry data off will not do it a friend told me why should I when it costs nothing. To cut my story short I couldn’t read my client mail until 10pm Friday night when I get home and switch the data on that cost me an arm. By Monday morning I got myself a bbz3 and the notification has earn me a commendation from my wife each time she WhatsApp me I responded immediately lol. All my favourite apps in android I now use the BlackBerry browser and things are working fine. I still have my ming on the BlackBerry passport a must have for me.

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