Lenovo K8 smartphones will get Android 8 Oreo very late

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Lenovo has announced that Android 8 Oreo updates are on the way for the K8, K8 Plus, and K8 Note. Have a look at the Lenovo K8 Android 8 Oreo updates schedule.

If you purchased any of the Lenovo K8, Lenovo K8 Plus, Lenovo K8 Note, there is good news for you: all three devices will receive the Android 8 Oreo update. You might want to shout a big Hurrah! That is fine. But there is bad news: the updates are scheduled for so far into the future that it almost does not matter that they will get updated.

Lenovo K8 Android 8 Oreo Updates Schedule

Here is the schedule for the Android 8 Oreo updates for the three smartphones in the Lenovo K8 Series:

  1. Lenovo K8: June 2018
  2. Lenovo K8 Plus: July 2018
  3. Lenovo K8 Note: July 2018

June 2018 is a whopping 9 months from now, and July 2018, 10 months. To be sure, by then, the next Android version from Google would be out. The three phones were released in August/September this year and currently run Android 7 Nougat.

Will Any Other Lenovo Smartphones Be Getting Android 8 Oreo?

According to the list published by the manufacturer, no. No others apart from the above-listed three.

Lenovo does say that “The actual date is subject to change”. Perhaps the list will get updated with more information over time and have more devices added. Perhaps the June/July 2018 dates for the K8 Series will change – hopefully closer.

It is also significant to note that Lenovo’s smartphones now run stock Android OS, while the three scheduled for the Oreo update run near stock Android OS. Updates to those phones should be easier and faster than this published schedule states.

Motorola Android 8 update Schedule

Lenovo earlier published the list of Motorola smartphones that will be getting the Android 8 Oreo update. It isn’t a list that went down well with many. No schedule has been provided for the shortlisted Motorola phones.

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