Lenovo Mobile will be absorbed into Motorola

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Lenovo is one brand that has footprints in almost all aspects of consumer gadgets. With their portfolio ranginfg from smartphones to PC’s to cloud and enterprise services. Currently their PC division is doing well but we can’t say the same of their mobile division.


From the results of the last quarter, they reportedly made losses to the tune of $292 million, this forced them to cut off 3200 staff worldwide. Earlier this year, Lenovo acquired Motorola and talks have been ongoing as to what becomes of the new acquisition.

Lenovo has decided to merge their mobile division into Motorola. Basically, Motorola management will handle the affairs of the Lenovo Mobile backbone. From hence forth it will cease to exist. President of Lenovo Mobile Chen Xudong:

 From the organizational structure to the product line and brand, Lenovo Mobile will be gradually incorporated into Motorola. “The new organizational structure will be immediately released ,

This is not a bad idea, because Motorola is a better mobile brand, in terms of R&D, experience, and stands a better chance of succeeding in places like the US.


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