Lenovo to shut down subsidiary, ZUK Mobile

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ZUK Mobile is making great smartphones but hasn’t made many of them. And they don’t seem to be selling too well either. The Chinese internet smartphone company has operated as an independent subsidiary of Lenovo till date. But that may soon come to an end.

ZUK Mobile was founded in 2015. A report says that Lenovo is shutting the brand down and sticking with making smartphones branded “Lenovo Moto”. Lenovo seems to have run into trouble posting profits in its mobile operations.

ZUK Mobile logo

Lenovo Mobile, Motorola and ZUK Mobile

After buying Motorola off Google in 2014, Lenovo has made a number of juggling. At first, the Chinese company said its mobile brand would operate under Motorola, then later changed its mind, dropped the Motorola brand and said they would use “Moto”. Now, it looks like Lenovo will consolidate all its mobile brands into one.



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