Advertisement Lenovo is not a popular name here in Africa, but the Chinese company is the world’s second-biggest maker of personal computers, so they are no pushovers….

Lenovo to sell phones in Nigeria, Africa

Lenovo IdeaPhone A60


Lenovo is not a popular name here in Africa, but the Chinese company is the world’s second-biggest maker of personal computers, so they are no pushovers. Lenovo is also a smartphone manufacturer and offer a range of devices, including tablets. The good news is that Lenovo is smart enough to see that Africa is a strategic market at this time, and have announced that they will introduce their mobile products in Nigeria before the end of 2013.

Better still, Nigeria will be their first port of call. Yummy. Yummy. I am going to be spoilt for choice. Why is Lenovo choosing Nigeria over South Africa? The company says that the network operators are too powerful in South Africa (similar to the U.S.), and they prefer the open nature of Nigeria’s market where most devices are sold independent of operators.


Here are excerpts from the original story:

“Nigeria is coming towards the end of the year and then we will investigate the rest of Africa,” Braum said in an interview at the company’s offices in Johannesburg yesterday. “We’re trying to sell off the shelf. We’ve picked the open market.”

“If you look at South Africa, 99 percent of the business is done through the telcos and that’s a lot of work to do to launch in a telco-based economy,” he said. “Lead time is up to nine months to do all the planning, certification and you cannot align with one network.”

Although he declined to specify which models will be sold in Nigeria, he said the phones will probably have large screen sizes and a long battery life, possibly with the capability to charge from other phones via a USB connection.

Smart thinking by smart people there, if you ask me. Only an insane or blind mobile manufacturer will ignore the African market at this time. The opportunities are huge and the dynamism is strong. After their foray into Nigeria this year, Lenovo will also explore South Africa, and then Egypt.


This terrain keeps getting interesting. Tecno is rocking the boat badly here and here comes Lenovo. Nokia, BlackBerry and Samsung need to watch their backs here in Nigeria. Their lunch might just have shrank. Oh, yes; the Chinese are eating everyone’s lunch!



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  1. awesome I love this. The open market is something I like about Nigeria. get a device pop in your sim and that’s it. Nokia is going to have it tough in Africa this year and 2014. Android is a juggernaut that will not rest till its taken over the market, and somehow these Chinese are playing all the right cards at the right time.

  2. Lenovo overtook HP as the world’s largest PC maker last year.

    They are not big on phones right now (at least not in the top 5) That can change rapidly though with the right strategy.

  3. There’s a bigger picture behind this spiralling global Chinese onslaught. It’s a form of neocolonialism planned to ensure China emerges as the new de facto world leading nation by overtaking America.
    The Chinese economy is galloping at an exponential rate as a threat to US economic dominance of the world order. The Chinese military arsenal sophistication makes it a major superpower. Their (ICT) technology is spreading apace to every corner of the world, whether fake or genuine. Huawei, a Chinese firm, is the world’s largest telecom infrastructure manufacturer. Lenovo is world’s PC leader. China Mobile is the world’s largest telecom opeartor with the highest subscriber density, making China the biggest and fastest growing smartphone market in the world.
    When it comes to culture, Mandarin as a Chinese language is being promoted and learned around the world. Even last year, the Lagos State Education Commissioner said that Mandarin will soon be part of the curriculum in Lagos State schools. What of Chinese filmography? Folks everywhere watch Chinese movies.
    So, all the new-fangled Chinese telcos aggressive spread to the world’s emerging markets like Nigeria is only a part of the overall strategy of a narcissistic Asian nation driven by world domination motives and power play antics. Time will validate or negate the neocolonialist pursuits of the fire-spitting Red Dragon nation.

  4. Nice step, Healthy competition,.
    Why didn’t etisalat lock and market the tecno P3 alone
    maybe the GAGA handset did not pay..
    Nigeria is not America or SA., peroid,.

  5. what is the price of Lenovo S860 in Nigerian currency? also where is their office in lagos?

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