The freedom of Android has ensured the presence of multiple app stores, and of course, you have the wild, where there’s an abundance of paid

Let’s be honest : Do you pay for apps?

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The freedom of Android has ensured the presence of multiple app stores, and of course, you have the wild, where there’s an abundance of paid apps to be downloaded for free.

Its true developers expend lots of time, money and energy and they need to be duly rewarded for all their efforts. On the other hand, some apps are so good and worth paying for, while some others are useless and a waste of cash. I admit, I’m an unrepentant app cracker, I’d rather get it for free than pay for an app, or we go hunting for a free app that performs the same function. Hehehe 😆

From statistics and research, Its said iOS app developers earn more revenue than their Android counterparts. Consequently, iOS users are more likely to pay for apps more than Android users.

Behold, this is the moment of truth!! Do you always pay for apps? Or do you pass through the backdoor?


This kinda reminds me of the lyrics of this song from my favorite rapper Kendrick Lamar:

I’m a sinner, who’s probably gonna sin again

Lord forgive me, Lord forgive me,

The things I don’t understand


  1. I pay for apps. Infact if an app has both free version and paid version, I always go for the paid version. I know I’m one of the few exceptions.

  2. while i’m not totally against paying for apps, I rarely do. IIRC, the only app i’ve ever paid for was’s Gravity. a full function twitter client for Symbian. the beauty of Android is that there’s usually a free app that’s a good enough substitute for any premium app. also the “freemium” model means the features most users use on a daily basis are free to use, power users may unlock premium features through in app purchases. as for premium apps, I don’t actually use any (free apps are okay for me), but if I ever want any premium apps there’re a few ways to get them *mischievous smile*

  3. Even though my iPhone is jailbroken I pay for apps. My jailbreak is just to give me access to tweaks and themes and fonts to make my device awesome and meet all my needs.

    The truth is cracked apps are hardly ever or rarely updated. And I’m a sucker for ‘ the latest version’ so it’s better to just pay for the app so you can always get access to the latest versions for bug fixes and UI improvements.

    Besides it’s not easy to sit and write code to develop and app. Appreciating a developer with $2.99 or $4.99 should be a problem if the app is really good.

    And finally the way app stores are setup now. Once you pay for an app you own it for life. Device loss or theft is not an issue as u can redownload the same app on ur new device once you login.

    *sorry for the long epistle*
    *i’m off to go pre-order FIFA 15 on my Ps4 ™ *


  4. I pay for apps.
    I usually go for free alternatives if they are fully featured, but if I can’t find anything good enough, I go for the paid app.
    I do prefer apps that have a “Free” or “lite” version to kinda test the waters before going all in. Even way back when I still used a blackberry, I bought a few apps, but was mostly burned cos most of them were crap.
    Now that I think about it, I even bought a few apps on BB Playbook back then too, and they were also hit and miss.

    On android, I’ve had much better luck. Examples of some apps I’ve bought are
    BeyondPod – Podcatcher ($6.99)
    AllStream – DLNA, AirPlay and Chromecast server ($6.5), etc.

    On iOS,
    iDownloader ($4.99), etc.
    One or two games which I can’t remember ATM.

    I don’t ever go haunting for free apks of paid apps ‘cos I feel most of those apps are not too expensive that I can’t afford them, plus, I get to support the developers and hopefully, they continue making awesome stuff.

    I’m more and more acquiring the mindset of seeing digital goods as being on the same plane as physical goods, and just as I would never take anything without paying for it, I don’t want to use premium apps without buying them also.
    This is the same reason why I no longer download pirated books, but buy them from amazon directly for my Kindle. Its also the reason I have subscriptions to stuff like Audible, Deezer and Spinlet (off and on).

    One unifying thing all these platforms have in common is that they provide me with easier and more integrated access to the content. Its not just about paying for stuff. If the experience of the paid app or subscription service is not better than free alternative (either legal or illegal), then its a no go for me.

  5. I use paid, beta, free as well as cracked apps. I generally prefer paid apps to cracked apps because the apps can be updated as soon as there’s a new version and I am always paranoid of cracked apps stealing my information.
    For some paid apps, it’s not economical to buy because of the astronomical cost. There’s an app I use regularly on ios that will cost me about $400 to maintain yearly. I also found out that I can get genuine ood quality paid apps for free or for cheap by monitoring

  6. A few thoughts.
    There’s absolutely nothing wrong in downloading free apps. They are free not like they are cracked or pirated.
    Nothing is actually free. What of those intrusive ads in some ‘free’ apps? If you are not paying for the product, you are the product! Google knows this all too well.
    Until recently, mode of payment (payment cards) were an issue in Nigeria. You couldn’t pay for apps even if you wanted to.

  7. I’ve bought a few apps since I started using android and on madam’s iPad too. I have no qualms paying the occasional 2-4 USD if I find the app useful enough. I’ve even bought 2 stickers that I like on the BBM Shop – Popeye & Pink Panther even though I’m at present holding a grudge against BB cause I can’t restore the purchased stickers after a recent device change. I even paid the $0.99 for WhatsApp once even when I wasn’t disconnected… Come to think of it, what would those guys have done with my $1 considering the amount they eventually sold the company! 🙂

  8. I have never paid an app or an ebook or any online service at that.

    On the worldwide web, there are almost always free alternatives to Amy service you need/want.

    We make our money differently and our attitude to money (like everything else) is disparate.

    My philosophy is never to EVER shell out money UNLESS I have to # just me

    Being on Android, the few occasions where I Would willing pay for an app (Swype / Swftkey.. I attempted to purchase a long time ago.. there was a hitch), there are usually free alternatives.

    Naturally, I go for the free alternatives.

    I swap apps so often that paying for them is simply not a viable option for me.

    It’s great to support these Developers, having first hand knowledge of the efforts that go into outstanding apps, but my situation is peculiar.

    My main reason for not being serious about paying for apps is that I love to assess apps. I download not for using per se, but just to examine, discard and look for another, compare…and the cycle continues.

    And the ease of getting apps from the backdoor.. primarily for assessments.. is one of the prime reasons why Android is my platform of choice, and is likely to remain so..

  9. I forgot to mention that I also buy jailbroken tweaks from cydia. I have so many I have bought that I use daily and I find essential for my daily activities on my ipad. Thees include printify, airblue sharing, swipeselection and tetherme,t to list a few.

  10. I’d gladly pay for apps if only Windows Phone Store would accept my Nigerian debit card. Windows phone users, what am I doing wrong? A UBA debit Mastercard here, by the way.

  11. i pay for apps ever since i could do so with a Nigerian debit card. Most of the apps i paid end up being rarely used as such i rather not pay for them if i can. But i wouldn’t got about looking for cracked apps, they generally bring a lot of headaches along the way

  12. @Michael99uk: the store simply rejects my card, and directs me to my bank. My bank can’t help:it says some merchants still do not honour Nigerian debit cards. Note I’m referring to the Windows phone store and the region is set to Nigeria.

  13. Any wonder why iOS app developers will always make more money compared to android app developers? Apple’s target market is the high end of the market as shown in their pricing strategy of all their devices compared to the mass market appeal of Google’s android with loads of cheap budget devices. Of course Google’s mass market crowd will be cheap skates hunting for freebies!

  14. @ola, Very Smart Comment Up There. (* Dripping With Sarcasm)*

    “Apple’s Target Market Is The High End ” ..He Says, So,

    Mass Market Crowd Will Be Cheap Skates Hunting For Freebies!


    .. He Concludes!

    So The Samsung Galaxy Note Iv, Sony Xperia Htc One (M8), Lg G3 Are Not High End, Enough … In Your Books?

    If You Tell Me Apple Devotees Love Funneling Their Money Without Much Thought, I Would Clap For You, But That Statement, By You, Up There Needs A Lobotomy…

    Because Toyota Makes A Yaris, It Is Necessarily An Automaker For The.Piss_Poor?
    Of Course The Lexus Top Range Models, The Camry’s, And The Suvs Are Also For Cheapstakes Too…. They Don’t Count.


    Dude. If You Can Afford A Smartphone, Any Smartphone, You Can Afford (Almost) Any App.

  15. @ola, I would disagree with you regarding the myth that Apple targets the “high end” of the market and thus Apple users are more likely to pay for apps. If I know 10 people with an iPhone I can guarantee you that only about 2 or 3 paid for their apps. None of the iPhone users I know believe in paying for apps , they will default to the free versions.

    What you will find is a disproportionate number of people pay for apps, which probably makes up for the many who don’t. And people who pay for apps are less likely to swap their apps around. I’ve paid for some awful apps, but then I’m related to someone who doesn’t do paid. If she has 5 paid apps on her phone, she has a lot!

    I have paid apps across operating systems – if I like an app enough I will pay for it. If I can buy snacks and fizzy drinks (which I don’t), I can afford to pay for an app, even if I never use it again.

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