It is my belief that life is what we make of it. I do not mean that there are things that are not outside of

Let's Make 2012 Rock

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Let's make 2012 Rock!

It is my belief that life is what we make of it. I do not mean that there are things that are not outside of our control. I mean that we do have the ability to make the best of those things that are within our control.

Personally, 2011 was a rough year for me – so many things happened that were out of my control. But would you have been able to tell if I had not mentioned it, or if you are not privy to my personal affairs? I doubt. You see, in spite of the rough patch, I made the best of the year, and for that I have some landmarks and achievements to point to.

I am sure that some of you had rough patches through 2011 too. But you made it through; didn’t you?

Dear friends and mobile enthusiasts, you and I made 2011 an exciting year here on the Mobility blog. We built a blog that we all looked forward to visiting first thing in the morning, several times during the day, and sometimes the last thing at night.

We made 2011 rock.

Thank you!

Thank you for helping out with other people’s questions and issues. Thank you for your positive comments. Thank you for the criticisms – and sometimes the arguments. Thank you for reading (over 90% of our visitors never post a comment)! Thanks to those who sent in guest posts too.

You know that we put our money where our mouths are, so when we say “Thank you”, we usually also match it with something tangible. We have given out smartphones and a few other niceties here in the past. We intend to continue with that tradition this new year and beyond. So stick around. E fit be you o!

A big thanks to the businesses, ad and media agencies, and other advertisers who sent business our way in 2011. You know how we delight in helping you meet your goals! Let’s do more for you this year 2012.

To Your Success In 2012!

Now, how about your own personal goals and aspirations? Go for them!

I started this blog in 2008 and it didn’t look like much then. Over three years on, and the Mobility blog has become the most referenced and most respected blog on mobile technology in Nigeria, West Africa, and arguably in Africa. We also have a strong following from Asia, Europe, North America and South America.

Get on with those dreams. Life is too short, and I can’t shout. May your paths be prosperous, dear friends!

To your success in 2012!


  1. Nice one mister mobility,. More grace 2 ur elbow.
    MN is our own and i wish it shall continue to grow from strength 2 strength…..
    God bless NIGERIA
    God bless AFRICA


  2. Happy new year to all the members of Mobility blog. The best of 2012.

    Let’s go there!

  3. happy new year, Folks. it was nice asociating with you on this blog. And best wishes for 2012.

  4. Thank you sir, for the encouragement. it could pass for a Holy Spirit inspired sermon. i am indeed blessed by cool words. Indeed we are all fired up and upgraded to version 2.12.

    The Lord bless and protect the MOBILITY company. Amen Shukran

  5. It’s such a great feeling to be party of this great and unique family.

    Since mid 2010 when I discovered this blog, I’ve grown to become a member, and I’ve formed stable links with other members. Relationships formed here have esteemed to twitter, Facebook, BBM, phone calls, and physical meetings. 2012 will exceed our expectations, and I look forward to a physical gathering of most of our members later this year.

    Cheers, everyone. Have a blessed year.

  6. I was on a search of a mobile navigation app for my winmo device then in 2008. I googled and found a solution on MN. Since then, I have made this blog my everyday bar. Good to know it has grown this big with lots of interesting people.

    Wishing everyone the best in 2012. And for MN, like they say on CNN, we will go beyond borders.

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