Letter to BBM: What love has joined together….

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Dear BBM,

There is this annoying bug in your app that has persisted till now. This bug randomly deletes some BBM contacts when one switches from one smartphone to another. It is not a new development and users have complained about it. This time, the BBM Contacts Bug deleted a sweetheart from my list. According to her, I have been on her mind of late and she thought to say hello. Isn’t that so sweet of her? That would have made my day, but guess what. Your app spoilt it all.

She decided to holla at me on BBM and found that I had “deleted” her.

BBM Contacts Bug

Now, instead of enjoying a warm pleasant conversation with Le Lover, I have to explain all the technicalities of how this BBM bug randomly deletes contacts when one switches phones.

One other time, I switched phones and the BBM bug blocked Mrs. Mo. I was still on her contacts and she was still on mine, but her messages to me wouldn’t go through. Mine to her didn’t either. Thankfully, her church mind was available at the time and the situation didn’t degenerate. I might have had to sleep on the couch or something. But she understood (or pretended to understand) when I explained that I had no intention of running away or anything. This BBM Contacts Bug… Sigh.

Dear BBM, please help us make love, not war. Thanking you in advance for a quick resolution of this bug. Next time this happens, I may have to start a hashtag campaign. You know, like #BBMBringBackOurContacts or something.

Yours sincerely,

A loyal user.

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  1. Yet another Mo’s Errand.!

    The terminally sick (BlackBerry) don’t have neither the disposition not time to read letters, no matter how poignant.

    Letter to BBM? Why bother?

    OK, let me take a look at the letter now (I am not terminally ill, nor dead , yet)..

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