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Dearly beloved,

We are PowerPoint Bible Church, the place where we help you Excel by giving you Access to eternal truths that will change your Outlook to life.

Residents of the city need only OneDrive to be a part of our service every Sunday. If you are resident in another city or are unable to physically fellowship with us, we will be Live on Skype as well to give you a Window into our awesome service.

However you fellowship with us, we promise you that it will be a time to Binge on the Word. This ain’t no Xbox. We take you and your spiritual needs serious.

You are welcome to shoot our pastoral team a Hotmail for all your spiritual counselling needs.

God bless you.

Pastor Mo
Sent from my Lumia running Windows 10

Credit: Thanks to Amasonic for inspiring his post.


  1. ?
    Quite hilarious
    You forgot to italicise “window” in the last line of paragraph 2.
    Nice one

  2. This is quite beautifully written Mr. Mo. Very beautiful indeed! You should make this go viral!

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