Below are the header and body of a mail sent by deoladoctor to Airtel Customer Care over the misleading SMS notification that he received a few days…

Letter to Airtel – Misleading SMS notification on Data Plan

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Below are the header and body of a mail sent by deoladoctor to Airtel Customer Care over the misleading SMS notification that he received a few days ago about a mobile data plan (screenshot above). deoladoctor copied us when he sent out this mail. His phone numbers and email address have been edited out for privacy reasons.


from: Abiose Adedoyin
sender time Sent at 22:33 (GMT+01:00). Current time there: 23:14. ?
date: 20 April 2011 22:33
subject: Data Plan (1000Mb/30days for N1000?)



On 18th April 2011, I received a text message from Airtel reading thus:

Internet plan for Smartphones now available on Airtel! Enjoy 1000MB data allowance, valid for 30days, at N1000 ONLY. Activate now by dialing *141*712*4#


As I was currently on another data plan for 30days, I could not verify or take this offer. However, I informed friends and some mobile tech websites. But to my surprise, those who took the offer were given only 100MB for 30days. This caused a lot of mixed feelings and bad blood and it looked as if I deceived my friends.

Please, I would be grateful if you could clear the air on this issue and let us know how the text came to be sent by you if you do not intend giving such plan.

My Airtel phone number thru which I received the above mentioned text is: 0808xxxxxxx



Phone Numbers: 0808xxxxxxx, 0803xxxxxxx

Attached are the screenshots of my phone’s message Inbox, and the screenshot of the message sent by Airtel.

I use Samsung Wave which has the ability to capture the screenshots of whatever is on display on the phone.


I am anxiously awaiting your reply.

Thanks in anticipation

Yours faithfully

Dr Abiose Adedoyin

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This Post Has 6 Comments

  1. Good initiative, DeolaDoctor!

    In some climes, AirTel could actually be sued for damages for this sort of thing.

    They should have issued another sms immediately they realised their error of that additiona lzero.(1000M instead of 100Mb)

    Better late than never. Let them issue that counter,sms immediately.

    By the way I NEVER did get that sms myself…

  2. Good one there. But it’s sad Airtel can go into this depraved antics to deceive customers. If they do not produce a plausible explanation I shall avoid all Airtel products and services by a long mile!!!!

  3. not everybody got the sms in the first place and some persons got the right message with 100MB and not 1000MB. As a system Administrator I know it could be a decoder issue esp. it the wong sms was delivered to phones of a platform.

    Pls let take the issue with a pinch of salt and hope Zain , sorry vmobile or whatever find a way to refund whoever took action as a result of that msg

  4. Yours truely did get that sms and tried it out for curiousity sake but low & behold it was 100mb rather than 1gb.I blame myself for falling for such a crap.That data plan has been in existence from the days of Zain.If it was a new plan the activation code would have been different just like the 1gb smartphone plan going for #3000 code is quite different from other codes. However this is not an excuse for Airtel’s deliberate misinformation. What do they take us for; must use our product dullheads?

  5. I have just been tricked by airtel. I got the same text from Airtel about the 1000mb data for 30 days but when I activated I got only 100mb instead of the 1000mb they proposed. I dont think we will have to be beleiving Airtel any longer except they act rightly.

  6. Hey guys, from the various postings, this obviously was a mistake and although I agree they should send an apology sms to custmers who received the sms…their website actually has the correct information!

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