Latest Flagship Phone from Industry Leader sets New Standard in Smartphone Design and Features LG G2 is finally here, and does it pack a punch!

LG G2: A Smartphone Like No Other

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Latest Flagship Phone from Industry Leader sets New Standard in Smartphone Design and Features

LG G2 is finally here, and does it pack a punch! This game-changing mobile device from LG Mobile is now available in the Nigerian market. With features that had the industry abuzz even before the launch, this phone marches ahead way too far on what we have come to expect from any smartphone.


How? Well, to start with there’s the design. This is where LG G2 completely surpasses imagination. It does away with the tradition of placing volume keys and power button on the sides of the phone and gives you one key that controls it all. And proving that nothing’s more amazing than the power of simplicity, this key is placed in the rear of the phone. Why? Just hold your phone in your hand and observe where your index finger is. Yes, it is hanging somewhere on the rear of the phone. And using the index fingers to operate the buttons placed on the sides of the phone is a bit of stretch. But all this changes with the rear key! You can use your index finger to turn volume up or down, power on or off, and even operate the camera, which lets you click sensational selfies easily.

Now, you might wonder if the rear key takes up space on the back of the phone does that mean the battery is compromised. Since Smartphone batteries are notorious for running out quickly, that is a valid concern. However, the LG G2 takes care of this with its unique step-designed 3000mAh battery with increased capacity. The processor is Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 2.26GHz and operates on Android Jelly 4.2 OS. This means a powerful processor and battery that together make your experience incredibly long-lasting and exciting.

LG G2-2 Rear Key

The LG G2 is also a beautiful piece of technology, and we mean that literally. The bezel is super slim. This allows LG G2 to sport a Large 5.2 inch IPS display panel. So you have all the fun of a large screen, without the bulk that makes handling the phone a clumsy affair. The display is also genuine Full HD and that means crystal clarity when it comes to watching videos and images.

Now let’s get to the camera. If you have been looking for a phone that lets you leave your camera at home, then this is it! The LG G2 comes with a 13MP camera. But what’s so special about that, you may ask. Well, what really sets it apart is that the camera is powered by Optical Image Stabilization technology. You can take clear pictures even in a moving car as the OIS technology keeps the camera steady, even when your hands are not! Not only that, the images come out bright and clear even in low-light conditions. Bet, G2’s Camera is the best amongst all neighboring Smartphone Cameras available around. Indoor party pics, club shots…every image is just perfect. Plus, the lens is made of Sapphire Crystal Glass that is hundred percent fingerprint resistant.

LG G2-3 Audio Zoom

What did you say? “What else!”

You are not satisfied easily, are you? And since the LG G2 is the result of Learning From You, the creators of the phone weren’t easily satisfied either! So along with the above, they created an intuitive User Interface that will take your breath away. One of its highlights is KnockOn, a feature that lets you switch your phone on or off with just a knock. Perfect for when your hands are busy. Also, you don’t need to fumble around with greasy hands to swipe or press buttons to answer calls. Just bring the phone close to your ear and voila, the call is answered. For those who thrive on doing everything simultaneously, the LG G2 comes with Slide Aside that lets you use three different apps at the same time. While recording videos, use Audio Zoom to amplify the voice of the person you actually want to listen to. LG G2 also delivers studio quality sound that’s even better than CD sound. So even music lovers will have nothing more left to ask for.

LG G2-4 Knock On

LG G2-5 Slide Aside

We could go on and on about everything that’s awesome about this phone, but still won’t be able to do justice to it. We suggest you go out and experience it yourself to see how, with LG G2, it’s all possible!

LG Mobile will be giving people who purchase the mobile device a free pouch as well as a Pocket Photo, the device that print instantly after just taking a picture. The Pocket Photo offer is valid while stocks last.

LG G2-6 Free Pouch

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  1. Well, the LG G2 is late to the party. Just arriving Nigeria now after months of unveiling?
    iPhone 5S/iPhone 5C and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 are the rave of the moment.

    By the way, the gimmicky backwards placement of buttons is a turn-off for me, as it is very awkward to be fiddling about for buttons that should be easily reached by the sides. The plastic build of the LG G2 is also as slippery as that of the Galaxy S4.

  2. Mr Mo please when reviewing devices let us know whether the devices get OS updates, though might not concern others but important to me.

  3. The G2 is a very innovative a android device, second only to the Galaxy Note 3 but personally i would have preferred an LG nexus 5, but i can’t seem to find it in stock in most places in Nigeria. If u could give a recommendation, i would be grateful.

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