This Is What The LG G7 ThinQ looks like

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Thanks to EvanBlass, we have a clearer look at the upcoming LG G7, successor to LG’s 2017 flagship, LG G6. The G7 is officially called LG G7 ThinQ. But you already knew that. You also likely knew already that it is made of metal and has a bezel-less design.

What is new is that we get to see that the G7 has that ugly display notch that so many Android manufacturers are falling over themselves to copy. It also has a side button, similar to Samsung’s Bixby button. As is with the LG G6, the bottom bezel is wider than on the other three sides of the phone.

LG G7 ThinQ specs

So, now that you have seen what it looks like, do you fond it striking and appealing? For more detailed specifications, check our LG G7 ThinQ specs page.



  1. The design is not bad, just that i don’t like the notch display, i hate seeing that notch in a phone.

  2. Th Phone with a strange name extension.

    Looks bae…

    I like LG phones i used a G3 once.

    Very decent

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