LG GW300 QWERTY feature phone (pictures)

The LG GW300 is a cute looking QWERTY candybar that runs basically the same software features that the LG KS360 has. The menu is the same, and the specs list just a little different.

The differences are the installed apps (the GW300 has a Facebook app pre-installed) the form factor, and a few minor features.

Anyway, here are a few close-up shots:
gw300 1

GW550 and GW300
GW300 beside the LG GW550 in the background
GW550 and GW300
GW300 on the left; GW550 on the right
gw300 550 2
GW550 in the background; GW300 in the foreground

Personally, I prefer the GW300’s form factor. For those interested, the GW300 can be purchased from the Mobility Nigeria phone store.


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