If you haven’t read the first part of my LG GW550 review, now is a good time to. In this second part, I will be

LG GW550 Review Part 2 – Getting Acquainted

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If you haven’t read the first part of my LG GW550 review, now is a good time to.

In this second part, I will be sharing a little bit more about the GW550 and on what foot the device and I got started on.

First, the sales pack had “Windows phone” printed on it boldly in the top right corner. Right under that is “Dual Speaker Smartphone” printed in bold red, so LG appears to be marketing this phone for its stereo sound ability. But I shall come to that later.

gw550 box

In the pack was the phone, 1300mAh battery, audio headset with propietory ports (LG needs to get rid of its proprietory port connections and embrace miniUSB quick), USB data cable – again with a proprietory port, battery charger, and a small manual. The box is quite compact.

gw550 headsets

The earpieces of the headset are so large that they immediately felt uncomfortable in my ears within 15 seconds of using them. I am not sure what the LG designers were thinking when they came up with those, but they can learn a thing or two from the guys who crafted the Samsung Jet’s earpieces. Those are much smaller and have soft tips that slip right into your ears comfortably.

gw550 s8003 headsets
Samsung Jet's earpieces to the left; LG GW550 earpieces to the right

The GW550’s dual speakers are located at the back astride the camera opening. They look the part – encased in silver. Really classy.

gw550 dualspeakers

The GW550 is a large device. Its not so large as to make it a brick or uncomfortable to carry, but it is larger than the Samsung B7320 and the Samsung Jet. Remember the large keys on the keyboard that I mentioned in part one? Of course, they had to come from somewhere!

gw550 b7320

In the above picture, you can see how much bigger the keys on the GW550 are compared to the B7320. Below, we have the Samsung Jet and LG GW550 in a group shot. Notice, of course, that absolutely gorgeous display of the Jet! Aaaaah….

gw550 jet

Getting Started: My Phone to the Rescue!
This is the nice part. I switched on the LG GW550 and had it fully booted in some seconds.

Remember Microsoft My Phone? I first used it to sync and backup my contacts, calendar, SMS, pictures, videos et al when I had the Sony Ericsson X1 back in October 2009. I also used it with the Samsung B7320.

Well, its an application that was released with Windows Mobile 6.5, and the LG has it. I launched it, logged in, and in a few minutes had all my files restored to the GW550.


Perhaps you may not understand how sweet this is until you have used it. No connecting to PC to transfer files or sync contacts. Everything OTA in a few minutes, and I was good to go. Microsoft got this one right. It is a stressless way of switching phones.

Note also that if you have multiple Windows phones, you can sync your data across as many devices as you have via My Phone. Neat.

Need I say that the GW550 and I got off to a good start. In the next part, I shall be reviewing how the GW550 handles the core services that I use on any mobile device: mobile data, web browsing, and email. Don’t go away!

gw550 screen navigationkeys keyboard


  1. How’s the quality of still camera of this phone when compared to samsung b7320’s?

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