I have not handled the LG Arena or any other device running LG’s new dust-stirring user interface, quite aptly dubbed “S-Class”. But I haven’t handled

LG is Getting Something Right that others are Fumbling Over

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I have not handled the LG Arena or any other device running LG’s new dust-stirring user interface, quite aptly dubbed “S-Class”. But I haven’t handled the Apple iPhone either. Still there is no contention about the top-notch interface that the iPhone sports.


If the rave reviews that the new LG Arena is getting is anything to go by, an erstwhile underdog has gotten right what the giants are stumbling and fumbling over.

Samsung’s TouchWhiz interface is more of a hit and miss. Nokia’s new S60 5th Edition doesn’t have the fluidity and Waow factor, and stillfumbles in usability here and there. HTC’s TouchFLO is merely a thin layer of icing spread over the dated WinMo OS and interface.

But the LG S-Class UI simply rocks and seems set to become the best thing that happened to mobile phones since the iPhone. LG is getting something right.

A few weeks ago, I purchased a mid-range LG, the KS360 with slide-out QWERTY and touchscreen dialer. It ain’t no Arena and certainly isn’t running S-Class, but even that device left me with a very good experience. Dayo and I are agreed that LG did a good job with such an affordable device. The haptic feedback and responsiveness of the touchscreen dialer is very good. And functionality-wise, LG didn’t pull any punches either. Yes; the device has a couple of niggles, but for its price, its a deal.

Then, there’s the LG Cookie, also getting good reviews here and there. Coincidence? Or has LG struck pay dirt?

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  1. The big boys had better get their acts together and get adventurous a little. This safe mode they are in will not help them in the long run

  2. Yes; Dayo: Nokia is in safe mode. Samsung is pushing the boundaries, but not quite getting it (but at least they are putting in some effort). Sony Ericsson are trying out adventure in the wrong direction. And Motorola… where’s Motorola? Anyone has any idea what has become of their R&D unit?

  3. We Should not ever under estimate the power of nokia in terms of its richness in features,durability,and its unbeatable user friendliness, all of which not even an iphone could contest.So LG has just did well anyway, but can not in any way rule out nokia s60 5th edition.Beware of 5800 and N97 and the up coming ‘Ivole’.

  4. Abubakar, I think you’re just unecessarily being biased here. To say that Nokia’s interface has “unbeatable user friendliness” gives me the impression that you are either a fresh mobile enthusiast or just being plain fanboyish.

    The Nokia menu structure is such that you have to click through layers of the menu just to be able to execute a particular function. So much for user friendliness.

    And did you just compare the Nokia menu to the Iphone’s? No; don’t go there. Please don’t. There’s really NO comparison.

    And as for s60 5th edition (i.e. the 5800 and by extension the N97), I’ve been using the 5800 for months now, and its no significant improvement on the old boring s60 3rd edition interface. Nothing much to watch out for there.

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