LG L90 D410 users getting Lollipop update in #Nigeria

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LG L90 Dual D410

The LG L90 D410 (who names these phones?!) was my 112th mobile device and is one of the best smartphones that I have owned or reviewed here on Mobility. I found it so good that I named it a “flawless mid-range smartphone“.

Ruru is a mobilista who owns an L90. He called in to inform us that his unit received Android 5.0 Lollipop OTA today. And he has been kind enough to send us details and photos. According to him, the update file size is 765MB. enjoy the following screenshots:

Ruru L90 settings

Ruru L90 android version

Ruru L90 home

Ruru L90 dropdown

Ruru L90 app drawer

As you can see from one of the screenshots, the L90 got version 5.0.2. Nice one by LG: Lollipop update for a mid-range phone that hit the streets in February 2014. Very nicely done!!

Thanks to Ruru for the tip!


  1. great, devices in this price range rarely see updates. big ups to LG. wonder how the update affects performance

  2. I love good feedback! Here’s one from Sampson who purchased the LG L90 based on my review here on Mobility:

  3. Awww. #JealousMode activated. #InnJoo (Internet Journey) do something. Don’t let it just be promises. 🙂

  4. Whoa this is good news. I’ll get the update asap! Been using the L90 for about seven months and she’s such a gem. Front camera is tacky but that’s about it. Great battery, great main camera, good sound… lovely phone.

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