LG mobile posts Q2 2015 loss; keeps premium, mid-range focus

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LG has announced its second quarter of 2015 results and here are the highlights for its mobile business:

  • sold 14.1 million units
  • the above figure represents a 3 percent decline from the same period last year
  • of the total sold, more than 8.1 million were LTE smartphones, its highest ever.
  • North America revenues increased by 36 percent year-over-year due to better performance of mid-range smartphones and tablets.

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LG says that in the third quarter and beyond, it will more aggressively implement its dual strategy focusing on both premium devices as well as mid-range smartphones targeting emerging markets. Yes; LG isn’t playing at the budget level.


  1. Maybe they should borrow a leave from their neighbor Samsung whose been posting impressive profits lately and dabble into all segments of the Smartphone market..

  2. I wish HTC would take a leaf from their book. Having said that, I’m seeing more LG and HTC phones these days than Samsung….so they must be doing well somewhere.

  3. Unfortunately the records says otherwise,while Samsung is announcing healthy phone sales QoQ,HTC and LG are bleeding out on their current sales numbers..

  4. I dont blame LG from focusing on premium. that’s where the profit is. Followed by the midrange. Budget needs a lot of shipment to catch up with the profits of the premium and midrange.

  5. This contradicts most of your comments o Mr Don. Is it you or 3WT that talks about streamlining portfolios? Why do you think another manufacturer’s foray into all segments will improve stakes?

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