I have used a number of LG devices – both smartphones and feature phones – in my time. at the moment, we have the LG

LG PC Suite Sucks

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I have used a number of LG devices – both smartphones and feature phones – in my time. at the moment, we have the LG C660 Optimus Pro here at Mobility Towers. It is a device that we all like here, and I have sang its praise here.

However, for the life of me, I have not been able to get it to connect to a PC.

For one, the LG C660 Optimus Pro is not listed on the support pages.

After running in circles around LG’s support website, I finally found a PC Suite to download (and the labelling was not clear enough to assure me that it would work with the C660). Well, after installation, it has refused to work.

With other LG smartphones that I have used in the past, connecting with PC has been a hit-and-miss affair.

This is 2012. LG needs to work on this.

For now, I cannot check for the availability of any update for the Optimus Pro, because I can’t get it working with my PC. I cannot move files from the device to PC, and vice-versa either.

LG make some of the most affordable android smartphones around here, but this…. this is not very encouraging.

Anyone had better luck than I have?


  1. for me i feel they should focus on their home appliances.their position in the mobile market is yet to be precisely defined

    i hereby make a passionate plea on the Management of Mobility Towers to give us a hands-on review of the samsung galaxy note on this forum.

    very important.

  2. Same here. Some of the packages that came with the PC Suite do not even support my device. All that is supported is movement of multimedia files and firmware updates. For file transfer, I have a better software in File Expert. The big advantages being not bothering with USB cable and I can also use my device to access the memory card while file transfer is going on through WiFi connection. I can also do updates through WiFi connection.

    I hardly connects my phone to my laptop these days through USB cable except just to charge the battery.

  3. i feel they should focus on their home appliances


    i feel they should focus on their home appliancesToo many cooks spoil the broth

    i Jack of all trades master of none

    A rolling stone scatters a lot of dust


    I once encountered a generic pc suite windows app that was quite good.

    Can not remember the name now, though…

    I finally found a PC Suite to download (and the labelling was not clear enough to assure me that it would work with the C660).

    What is the name of the app;? Link, pleaseeee !!!

  4. I downloaded and installed the software about two weeks ago but lost interest because it was slow on my netbook. After reading your write up, I tried it again and got surprising speed and results.

    The PC suite connected well with the phone through bluetooth and USB cable. I was able to sync contacts, calender and bookmarks with bluetooth connection.
    With the cable I was able to sync same and check for updates(phone and PC suite).
    Even media files were transfered without problem between devices using both connections. My messages were uploaded to the PC where there is a platform(like Nokia PC Suite) to view all message folders and create/send new messages.

    While the software informed me of an update, the online updater informed that “the cell phone is the latest version already. So you don’t need update.”

    I can’t remember where exactly I downloaded the software, maybe LG India site.

  5. Yomi,
    I forgot to mention that I use LG netbook, maybe that is why the connections were seamless.

  6. LG PC suite is total bullshit. I have an Optimus Black and connecting it to PC is no go area. How on earth will these guys produce such good phones and yet sucks so badly I this area of usage! bits me black and blue.

  7. After 2 bad experiences with LG phones in the early years of GSM in Nigeria (2003), I swore never to go near LG phones again. Since then I have stuck with Samsung and later Nokia.

  8. I don’t think LG should stop producing smartphones. The will reduce competition and leave the buyers in the hands of a few manufacturers. They just need to invest more in the R&D and get all these little errors fixed.

  9. Yes, I also stopped using LG phones. The similarity that they have with Samsung is South Korea. Apart from that, Samsung beats them hands down in about everything. Maybe, perhaps, apart from home appliances and LED TVs. I think LIFE is not GOOD, Afterall!

  10. Well said @yomi, LG has the worst PC suites imaginable. With Nokia all phones compatible but LG gives it model by model. I used a chocolate once, both the phone and the PC suite were horrible

  11. I have a bad experience with LG PC Suite as well. I have no problems connecting the pc suite with my LG P-690. However the LG PC Suite takes forever to synch my sms. Same goes with sending out messages. After googling for fixes or tweaks I gave up and reverted back to something I’ve been using for awhile before my purchase of the LG – My Phone Explorer. It’s FREE, it works flawlessly with my smartphone via usb cable, bluetooth or wifi and most importantly, pc/mobile phone synch is very FAST.

    Until the tech people fix their PC Suite, I’m sticking to my phone explorer.

  12. I have the LG P500h (aka Optimus One, Optimus T, Thrive, 3G, etc) and I installed the PC suite thinking the same as you. It’s 2012. All devices connect, sync easily right? It’s not 1999 anymore right? Wrong. What a pain in the ass to connect. It’s hit and miss.

    I called LG tech support and I jumped through some hoops for them, and the software installation is unclear, which version I need was unclear, their website was unclear, and even the guy on the phone was confused as I am. I had some shitty apps with Korean writing pop up that Windows is blocking. What a nightmare.

    I’m lucky that I can find the phone via Windows Explorer and copy files this way. However you would think their shitty ass LG PC Suite would do it for you. I google “LG PC Suite Sucks” and found your site, just so I could relieve myself on the topic. Thank you.

  13. I bought an LG G2 and thought wow this phone is awesome. Fast, inexpensive with everything i am looking for in a phone. I heard of LG pc Suite and hurried over to download it. Then come to find out my LG smartphone is not compatible to LG PC Suite. WTF.Why even make the software if you can not make every phone compatible. That does not make sense. I guess you have to have a special smartphone for this elite software. So Now I am looking into other smartphones to see if they have software that is compatible to their smartphones. Maybe LG is not so hot then huh?.

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