LG PC Suite Sucks

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I have used a number of LG devices – both smartphones and feature phones – in my time. at the moment, we have the LG C660 Optimus Pro here at Mobility Towers. It is a device that we all like here, and I have sang its praise here.

However, for the life of me, I have not been able to get it to connect to a PC.

For one, the LG C660 Optimus Pro is not listed on the support pages.

After running in circles around LG’s support website, I finally found a PC Suite to download (and the labelling was not clear enough to assure me that it would work with the C660). Well, after installation, it has refused to work.

With other LG smartphones that I have used in the past, connecting with PC has been a hit-and-miss affair.

This is 2012. LG needs to work on this.

For now, I cannot check for the availability of any update for the Optimus Pro, because I can’t get it working with my PC. I cannot move files from the device to PC, and vice-versa either.

LG make some of the most affordable android smartphones around here, but this…. this is not very encouraging.

Anyone had better luck than I have?