LG Purchases Web OS from HP, Focuses on Smart TVs

Another interesting development is the news that mobile manufacturer, LG, is purchasing ailing mobile OS, WebOS, from HP. Yes. Drum roll…..


Full details of the purchase are not clear to me yet, but news sources say that LG plan to deploy WebOS to power a new range of Smart TVs. With WebOS, now LG can go head-to-head against Google’s Smart Tvs. No?

Still, what is to stop them from deploying it for mobile too? In my opinion, it will be tough for LG to get developers on the WebOS platform should it decide to deploy it for mobile. That is the greatest barrier as far as I can tell. But suffice it to say that at least LG does own a mobile-capable OS that it can fall back on.

Anyway, speculations aside, at least WebOS is not quite ending up as dead as I have pronounced it. From being launched by Palm in 2009 to HP (2010) to Open Source (2012) and now in the hands of LG. Phew! What a dramatic history, this once orphaned mobile OS has had.

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