LG Tone Bluetooth Headset Unboxing Photos

Posted by Gladys Nwachukwu

The LG Tone Bluetooth Headset is so sleek that I caught myself comparing it to a sleek Bentley convertible. Well, considering the design, it does look like a convertible.

The “bae” came in a book cover design. One had to flip it open like a book to view its content, which was cased in a see-through plastic so the device is visible without tearing open the packaging. Have a look here:

Taking it out of its pack, I quickly turned it on to connect to my phone. The vibration it produced was quite surprising. One would expect a device so slim to vibrate responsibly but this device vibrates like a child whose toy has been taken away. It also vibrates like this whenever a call comes in, so you are sure not to miss it. The call button is on the top side, making it easy to tap and pick calls with ease. Same thing for the volume buttons.

LG Tone Bluetooth Headset In Use

One beautiful feature that got me at first sight is the silver magnetic groove that is located at the bottom of the headset. Its primary function is to hold the ear phone buds in place whenever you are in motion. As a frequent user of earphones, one accident that happens all the time with me is where one ear bud gets hooked on something and my clumsy self won’t notice until it is yanked off me, destroying my earphones in the process. This magnetic pod allows the buds to stay in place even when I’m in an awkward position. Here is a close up shot of it:

I like what I see already, I read from the pack that it has a standby time of 10 hours, I’m hoping it stands true when The Mobility Team put it to test. Stick around for the review. Cheers.

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