LG V40 ThinQ wants to help you easily create animated images

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The LG V40 ThinQ is coming to a gun fight with a solid set of guns. Touting triple cameras like the Huawei P20 Pro, it has the ability to create animated GIFs, called cinemagraphs, built in.

I’ m so sure we’ve got GIF lovers like me here, so I know this will surely interest you. Personally, I feel GIFs explain my thoughts better than emojis ever can do. That is reason why I try to create my own personalized GIFs with my TECNO Spark 2. However, it can only do so much since it was not designed particularly for that feature.

LG’s upcoming V40 ThinQ will not have this problem though. It will come pre-installed with a new camera feature that allows a part of a photo come to life while the other parts remain still. These GIF-style images are called cinemagraphs. It is important to note that the LG V40 Thinq has 3 rear cameras.

LG V40 ThinQ

How To Create Cinemagraphs with LG V40 Thinq

The V40 Thinq’s camera has a new mode called “Cine Shot”. That is where the creation of cinemagraphs happen.

Open the phone’s Camera app, select the Cine Shot mode, and tap on the red record button to begin. Cine Shot lets you record a three second looped video. You get to select the part of the video you want moving while the rest stay still. You can save your results as a 1080p MP4 or as my personal favorite, a GIF. And you are able to share or save your creation after editing. Editing can only be done immediately after the shot and cannot be re-edited.

If you do not get to own an LG V40 Thinq, you can still create animated GIFs on your Android smartphone or iPhone using 3rd party apps. LG is just making it easier by building it into the V40 Thinq’s camera app.

The V40ThinQ already has us counting the juicy features to expect. Now, we can add the Cine Shot feature to the list and I especially cannot wait to get my hands on one.

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