The LG L90 (D410) keeps surprising me. This mid-range Android Kitkat smartphone packs a few extra features from LG. One of them is called Qslide. Qslide lets…

LG’s Qslide is a multitasker’s dream

The LG L90 (D410) keeps surprising me. This mid-range Android Kitkat smartphone packs a few extra features from LG. One of them is called Qslide. Qslide lets you multitask easily by keeping an app in a small draggable window regardless of what else you’re doing. In the screenshot below, I have my email popped up and ready for me to open up. Whatever other app I open or task I am doing, that pop-up stays visible till I dismiss or open it.



Transparency Too

But it gets better. There is a transparency function in Qslide. Use the horizontal slide at the top of the pop-up to increase transparency so that you can see and work through it. Look at the screenshot below. I was actually typing a number in the phone dialler through the popped-up web browser, just as if the pop-up wasn’t there.


Qslide transparent interactivity

When transparency is zero and the pop-up is completely opaque, you may need to move it around when you need to do stuff like type on the main open app. But when you make the pop-up transparent, you can carry on with whatever you want to do as if the pop-up isn’t there. No obstructions.


The limitation is that there are only a pre-selected number of apps that can use the Qslide feature, and as far as I can see, they are all built-in apps. It does not appear that downloaded 3rd party apps can use the feature yet. But this is a good start. Hopefully, at some point, it might be extended to cover 3rd party apps. Imagine Evernote being able to do this….

You can always access the Qslide list of apps easily from the Android pull-down menu at the top of the display whatever you are doing on the phone:

Qslide apps menu

LG is mad! In the Mo universe, that’s a compliment.

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  1. LG’s always coming up with these little features that aid productivity. for the G2 there was an extended clipboard app that stored any text you copied, so you had a cache of all your text clips.

  2. While it’s good to have these nice extra niceties, unless the features are specific to that particular hardware, it’s mostly unnecessary bloatware..

    I hope LG is not planning to emulate Samsung by packing their top end devices with bloat ware.?

    There are almost always far capable functionalities offered by third party apps.

    A case in point..the Clipboard functionality mentioned above is available in many third party apps like



    Even the QSlide mentioned here has a capable counterpart in an app like..

    Floating Apps

    It’s standard practice for manufacturers to want to include functions to distinguish their devices, but it would be great to make them user_uninstallable without having to ROOT..

    South Korea is already championing this.

  3. Sony has this feature too. They call it ‘small apps’ on Sony smartphones!

  4. LG is truly mad..
    When am at work, i don’t need to always bring out my phone. The phone tells me incoming calls name and number…

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