The making of my last post’s YouTube video snatch a great portion of my sleep time, I tried to cheat nature and it reacted, demanding

Life after divorce: Between Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4

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iPhone 5 or Galaxy S4
The making of my last post’s YouTube video snatch a great portion of my sleep time, I tried to cheat nature and it reacted, demanding that I pay back, so I have to resort to a write up. I will continue the mobile app lessons next Wednesday, but for now enjoy my little story!

I fell in love with two phones and was at my wits end on who to marry. At some point I decided to practice phone polyandry, but alas financial constraints refused to make this possible. As such, it came down to me having to choose a phone that would give me maximum satisfaction in marital union. I made my choice, got married and our life together was bliss for about a week or so. Then things started to get heated. I hardly saw my phone and even when it was around, its demand for Megabytes (that’s Internet currency; right? LOL) was alarming. My salary couldn’t keep up. I thought that was all and I wanted out of this. But I wasn’t bold enough to tell my friends that my marriage was a fluke. The whole tension affected me and I was inflicted with buyer’s remorse. Within a 2-month period, I was finally ready for a divorce, and nothing was going to stop me.

I filed for a divorced and it pulled through. I walked away from that marriage with about 15% less of all I had invested into that union. But I was so glad to be free and single. It was another chance for me to date and probably remarry. This time, I decided to go after my second option. I did get married AGAIN; however in a matter of days, it became clear to me that my second choice was worse off than my first. I can clearly point out 5 distinct reasons why I wanted my old phone back. Yes; my first and second marriages were to the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Apple iPhone 5 respectively.

Having lived with both guys, here are the reasons why I can eat humble pie and profess love again for my first choice, Sammy:

The Share Feature: The process of sharing files when it comes to the iPhone is almost always impossible. I am tempted to ask if the iPhone was created by dudes in the Stone Age. We live in an era where sharing is a new addiction. Every second, someone is either sending or receiving a file, so why make it difficult to share? Samsung S4 and all its cousins, on the other hand, makes sharing a tap away. The iPhone 5s or 6 better take that into consideration.

Swipe Keypad: Does the iPhone even understand this feature? Instead of the usual *tap tap tap*, all you need do is swipe your fingers across the desired character. I don’t know if Samsung introduced this feature first, but I do know it is a sleek feature, one that I suggest Apple better imitate.

Expandable Memory: When it comes to Apple devices, forget it, this doesn’t exist. If it’s a 16GB model that you buy, that’s it. No further options to expand the memory. You are stuck with your initial choice. What a drag! Samsung on the other hand gives you options via expandable memory.

Bluetooth: The watch word is LIMITED! Both have the Bluetooth feature quite alright, but that of iPhone doesn’t seem to function at all and I am not exaggerating. Try sending an image to a friend’s phone from your iPhone.

Marketing: I am convinced that this is the only thing the Apple guys get right. Hmmm. It is an important aspect of business though, but I only put this in here so I can at least try to look unbiased. Come to think of it, it’s not even a feature.

It is my candid opinion that iPhone 5 is just a classy device with no options and no flexibility. It is rigid and very restrictive. iPhone 5 is so last year, but the S4 is the trend phone makers should be looking to either copy or improve moving forward. Big Ups for the Samsung guys and their group of techies….you rock!!!

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  1. On target.

    In the same line of ‘look before you leap , it is recommended that you ‘think before you buy’

    Shared experiences by real world users are othanfyen more instructive than reviews by professional reviewers (who often have thick bias running in their varicose veins)

  2. Nice, I like be the use of analogy here..

    spot on with your capability assessment, the iPhone to me only sells by perception of class..I once owned one ( 4th biggest mistake of my life), the darn thing overworked my PC trying to sync and converted files and the painful part was that some of the files weren’t compatible with iTunes.

    And about Samsung I think they are the manufacturers doing the most and aren’t afraid to experiment with new features and forms.

  3. The iPhone is not such a bad option if you are ready to condone Apple’s restrictions, but then what’s the gains of living in such restrictions for a device you paid for duly? Well, at least with the iPhone, you maintain a level of bloated class and it is also very easy to use. Yeah, very intuitive is the common language but why shouldn’t a phone that does very little be easy to use? stamp out some of useful features of the phone so that a 5-year old baby can use it without a learning curve, but then, adults will also be using same iPhone.

  4. These are some of the reasons I’ve never based my argument on reviews, to the issue at hand all other phones are better than the Iphone- its just a show off device and nothing more. Even the highly castigated blackberry is way better in Functionality than the Iphone. Big ups Tope.

  5. This article is spot on. Personally I have used iphone and android device(samsung S3). Fortunately for me I used iphone first before samsung S3 thus it was easier for me to stick with my second marriage on like yours that is other way round.

  6. I have my mind on S4 already but I still have not lifted my embargo on buying any phone at 100k, that amount is for a plot of land!
    After personal review of S4, I found it very impressive, I also love that romantic sound it makes when u tap d screen, like u dropped a stone in a pond.
    I’ll wait till it drops to 70k jare.
    Oh! Someone reminded me that by then, there will havve been S5! With added features #wahala

  7. I have never liked Apple products for the simple reason that they are outrageously expensive. And then I ask myself, ‘why spend an arm and a leg on a device that will give me a headache due to it’s closed system?’

    Given an option, a Sammy will be chosen anytime over the fruity one.

    @Cece: I’m rocking that live wallpaper you referred to when you tap the screen which sounds like a stoned dropped into a pond on my TECNO Phantom A :-))

  8. Interesting piece we have here, though not a new phenomenon to most smartphone users.

    Incidentally, I read somewhere where one American radio host Rush Limbaugh also put a funny political twist on these different worlds of Apple and Android (as represented by Samsung). His comment:

    “I would love to just be able to get to one of these guys and say, ‘Now, I want you to do something. The way you see these guys propping up Samsung and Google and Android and the way these guys are ripping Apple to shreds, would you try to see that in the mainstream media? Would you open your eyes and see what’s going on in the mainstream media? Would you try to open your eyes and see that in the mainstream media, the Republican Party is Apple, and the Democrat Party is Samsung, Google, and Android.”

    Haahaa, the Apple is Republican, Android is Democrat analogy really captures Tope Olofin’s experience here.

  9. @Ayodele,
    So the active wall paper is actually a generic offering? Good for the android family, then.
    So much noise about that Tecno phantom. I’m still not sold on Chinco. Looks like Tecno is raising the bar though, even at that GSM Arena is yet to get it listed on it’s site for reviews. May be till then

  10. I have my mind on S4 already but I still have not lifted my embargo on buying any phone at 100k, that amount is for a plot of land!

    LWKMD. The only phone wey I buy above that price still dey chook me sometimes sef. #Z10

  11. Hey Udegbunam, Galaxy S4 IS UNDER N100K!
    Check it out at Slot.

    It’s only iPhone 5 and HTC One that sell far above N100k.

  12. Both have the Bluetooth feature quite
    alright, but that of iPhone doesn’t seem to
    function at all

    I just can’t imagine using a device that has sharing restrictions. This is 2013 not the medieval era for crying out loud!
    Apple had better step up their game.

    Notwithstanding, there are still some diehard iPhone fan….er.. boys and girls out there who still love it just the way it is.
    Nice write up! 😀

  13. I’ve been an apple fan from the first iPhone launch in 2007 and other products but i dont see much change in their products. Yeah yeah they produce sleek and premium devices but limitations are way outta hand, poor battery, low end specs, same stale OS though ios7 should change things but the OS ui pushed me away… They keep forgetting people moved from Nokia and BlackBerry

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