I have had the newer version of the leaked Symbian Belle ROM running on my Nokia N8 for over 24 hours now, and here is

Life With Symbian Belle: Why I can't put down the Nokia N8 anymore

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N8 Belle
I have had the newer version of the leaked Symbian Belle ROM running on my Nokia N8 for over 24 hours now, and here is my summary:

My N8 with Belle has better radio performance than other brands, handles calls better than other brands, takes by far the best pictures among mobiles, records top notch video, has excellent audio and video playback, plays HD games, connects to my TV, syncs with my PC, has mass storage mode, handles USB flash drives, runs like a champ even on the 680MHz processor, has good battery life, and now has a top-notch user interface that is nothing short of amazing. Why on earth would I want anything from any other platform?

I won’t bore you with screenshots, as NgDude has already provided some in his post, Do you have the balls for Belle? She’s very sexy! (and his article was instrumental to my flashing my N8 to Belle in the first place).

What I will do is provide some more information from the official Nokia Conversations site.

Free-form, resizable, live widgets: widgets like the clock, email, music player, favourite contacts and the calendar have been redesigned and now come in five different sizes. They can also be re-sized and rearranged to create a completely personalised set of screens. There are also new ‘Toggle’ widgets for tasks like switching on Bluetooth and changing profiles.

More homescreens: with Symbian Belle the maximum number of homescreens rises from three to six, so now you can have absolutely everything close at hand.

Improved status bar: the status bar sports a modern, flat look and incorporates a pull down notifications tab that incorporates common settings and notification of incoming messages, missed calls and the rest.

Modernised navigation: the navigation and options bar at the bottom of the screen sports a modern, new look, similar to that first seen on the Nokia N9.

New apps: a new suite of powerful business apps from Microsoft includes Lync (IM for businesses, like Microsoft Communicator), Sharepoint, OneNote, Exchange ActiveSync and PowerPoint Broadcaster.

Informative lock screen: the lock screen now tells you about missed calls, messages in your inbox and more, so you can check your phone at a glance. You can now also add a coloured wallpaper to your lock screen.

NFC devices: With Symbian Belle, Near-Field Communications (NFC) is now deeply integrated into the operating system, so you can share pictures, connect with accessories, and check-in – all with just a tap.

Visual multitasking: Now you can flick between larger live images of your open apps to see what’s going on at a glance and move quickly between your apps.


To wrap up, you actually need to have a hands-on with Belle to understand how good the UI is. Having tasted Belle, there’s no way on earth that I am going back to Anna. I tried it – reflashed back to Anna – and failed. After several days, it became unbearable.

I am back to using Symbian Belle on my precious Nokia N8, and I do not seem to be able to put this flagship down any more.

Besides, I am basically a hardware keyboard person, and though I still own a Nokia E7 with one of the best hardware keyboards in the market, I have replaced it with the N8 as my daily smart device.

That is how good lady Belle is.

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  1. Oga Yomi, while flashing my N8 with the latest Belle yesterday, there were complications, and now it’s dead.

    All night, I tried flashing with 4 different ROMS [the latest Belle, the older Belle, the leaked Anna, and a scandinavian PR1.0] all to no avail.

    Pls could you supply me with links to directions on recovering my darling. Thanks.

  2. The Scandinavian ROM was my saviour when I had problems flashing the first time. Are you sure that you have the right version? It should be a PR1.2, I think.

    I got it through NaviFirm. I’m on the road now, so it will be difficult to hunt down the links right now.

  3. Spazyzuma and Yomi…..take it easy o,hmmm!

    @Yomi,I called you back o but you no pick up….Silver Casing not available …I’m so sorry I didnt get back to you on time……I’m saying it here so you’ll know how sowwy I am…*wink*

  4. Some people sure do lack the liver (and kidney) for things like overclocking, flashing, hacking, rooting and modding. I am such a person.

    I could try that on cheap phones, but not on a middl_x / high_x highlevel phones.

    I guess it is okay if you are ready to face the possible consequences / aggro. of your adventurism.

    SpacyZuma, Good Luck in your quest to ‘make the corpse N8) walk’..

  5. Yeah yeah, I just updated my N8 to Anna. Yes, I know some of you are running belle already but don’t forget all fingers ain’t equal.

    I have a lil story about how I updated to Anna …

    I’v always thought I had a good connection in starcomms izap until nokia rolled Anna out weeks ago. I couldnt update with starcomms cos the download speed was (is) so slow. I was frustrated and went to get multilinks 3g blue aka rocket speed (lmbao) … I subscribed to the 50 hrs package thinking “50 hrs is too much sef just to download a 250mb update file”.. I didn’t know the joke was on me. .lol.

    I tried and tried it didn’t download, apparently starcomms was even better. Please if you don’t want to end up punching your pc screen out of frustration don’t ever depend on multilinks. Anyways, I tried and tried u to no avail till multilinks robbed me of my 50hrs with thier cunning billing system…

    I was thinking of plan c which was to go to silver bird galleria in v.i to use the swift “4g”(yeah rite) hot spot then I came across some piece of info online today about the glo 3g mega deal available to Nokia E7 & N8 owners. It’s called the premium plan in which subscribers pay 7500 naira for 6GB data with a 180 days (6months !!! ) validity period. 7500 only ! 6 GB ! 6 months !

    I quickly loaded credit and subscribed to the plan, since I don’t have a glo usb modem I decided to use my usb cable and connect pc to the internet through pc suite. Tested the speed it was cool, streamed videos without breaking then I was like it’s time to update this phone.

    I didn’t really like that the speed through pc suite was 460kbs or so I disconnected and was wondering how to up the speed so I was like “where’s that joikuspot sef let me test it today” I’v had the app on my N8 since last yr but never used it. I started the app and was saying to myself “this one fit dey do 5kbs now, make I just test am” ..

    I shared my glo internet wirelessly with the app and hooked up my pc to the wireless connection then connected the usb cable to phone and pc then ran the nokia software updater on pc to start download.

    Download started so I checked out the speed on joikuspot, lo and behold ! It was hitting 2.0mbs ! I started screaming cos I was astounded.. in less than 30 minutes the download and update was completed.

    I just had to share my story cos I didn’t know I was entitled to a 6gb for 6 months data plan and I never knew I had a powerful internet tool in joikuspot. Today I announce the demise of my starcomms and multilinks modem because “wetin I dey find for Sokoto been dey my shokoto” since last. Let me date Anna for now then cheat with belle later.

    N8 and E7 owners, take advantage of the glo bundle. It’s the best deal in Nigeria…I don’t know if you guys already shared the info here. God bless glo, God bless jokiuspot, God bless MN

  6. ‘. Let me date Anna for now then cheat with belle later.’

    En en?

    Heard of the sixth commandment (thou shall not commit…)? Okay o!

    Taking of the burst of speed on GLO, i was downloading a 10Mb mega_ebook on a smartphone, and UC mobile reported about 150megabytes /second download speed. Now, this is very unusual in my area.
    Hope GLO keep up the good work!

  7. Hahaha, that rule doesn’t apply in the tech world. There’s nothing like for better or worse … It’s strictly “for better” ask Elop, he told us about a burning platform and I’m only getting myself ready to take that big jump or get burned !

  8. @telneting, welcome to the world of glo. I usually download at same speed too, over 1mbps. God bless them for us. I’ve not had to regret moving from mtn to glo. they are faster, less expensive and with various data plans to choose from.

  9. does anyone know if i can get a c7 preinstald wit symbian anna in ph,cos am scared of updating i prefer readymade

  10. @Afewgoodmen, I’m sure you have other cell phones coupled with the ipad and you are think of adding the E6 to your arsenal of gadgets?

    Hmm, I almost got myself a bb play book last month but I was like hold on a second dude ..U got yourself a crazy laptop, an N8 coupled with some other cellphones.

    After I got the N8 last yr I noticed a decline in the usage of my laptop & dvd player ,oh I forgot to include my digital camera cos I don’t even know it’s location anymore.

    Well, human wants are insatiable.. also, “is it my money ?” Lol, enjoy and I hope you are not getting it only to take advantage of the glo bundle 🙂

    @belushi, cheers.. Hope glo gets better and show these other stingy network how to act. I’v not recharged my mtn in months only use it to recieve calls.. It’s cheaper to call mtn numbers from my glo line than calling mtn numbers from my mtn line… dang ! Big up to Glo

  11. Telneting,

    After I got the N8 last yr I noticed a decline in the usage of my laptop & dvd player ,oh I forgot to include my digital camera cos I don’t even know it’s location anymore.

    What planet do you live on? Nokia/Symbian is supposed to be useless (at least according to some people)! How can getting a useless piece of shit like the Symbian-running Nokia N8 result in a decline in your usage of your laptop, DVD and digicam? How? #irony #sarcasm

  12. I’ve been looking forward to these review about the newly updated software on Nokia N8.

    I first got my N8 in February this year. The first 2 months, it was bliss as I carried abt loads of pix and music on my 8gb capacity phone.

    My trouble started shortly after with one virus or other that automatically deletes my photos. Had to flash my phone up to 4 times at the Nokia store. And bfore I forget, Nokia’s store (ikeja) customer service is the bomb/fantastic. I never had to queue..but of course, I’m carrying a Nokia N8 exclusively for the blue bloods…lol!

    Anyways, I was so glad the last time I went to flash my phone again for the recurring glitch in my photo app and problems with mail sync (which may be airtel’s fault though). The new Symbian Belle or Anna I think was installed and its been a positively terrific experience. I’m just loving it.

    Mail sync is better tho still limited by the network. Not really sure I like the new icons,still prefer the old ones. But the phone is definitely faster. No more glitches so far. Enjoy using it for my business which requires good pictures to send to customers, loving ma whatspp! too.

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