Lighten up your Gmail with themes, wallpapers and emoji

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In recent times, Google has been trying to lighten up the Gmail experience. Keeping it more fun and entertaining, and not just the generic sending and receiving of emails.

Gmail Themes

Themes have now been introduced to Gmail. With which you can customize and separate the looks of your home and work accounts. There are hundreds of themes available and also options to upload yours if you have any. You can also add wallpapers too. It’s even more interesting to find editing tools like blur, vignette, and text background to make your wallpapers and email background look good.Gmail emoji

Asides themes, the Google also introduced emojis to emails, to lighten up your conversations,Smiley%2Bemoji and offer a better email experience. If the new feature hasn’t gotten to you, don’t be sad,sad%2Bemoji as it might take a few days to get to you. Meanwhile note that this feature is for Gmail on the web.

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