Would you like a smartphone in scroll form?

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It has been donkey years of flat slabs. Years ago, we had a wider range of forms to pick from – candy bar, slider, clamshell, swivel, etc. And it gets boring. In recent years, we have seen curved display phones from LG and Samsung – again they were basically tweaked flat forms.

Hopefully, manufacturers will get back in the playground and jazz things up a bit. Samsung has patented a scroll form for smartphones. You know, like a parchment scroll from ages ago before the PC was invented.


The form means you can roll up your phone and carry it around, and unroll it when you need to read and work with it. For phone calls, I’m guessing you will be doing that with it rolled up – tube to your ear. Whatever.

Samsung also patented a foldable display – which works like a laptop or clamshell, just without hinges. The phone would be usable when folded up, but give you more work space when opened up.

Will we ever see these ideas in production phones? Who knows? But even if just for the novelty, someone should make them.


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  1. This was being touted a few years ago. What’s changed since then? Materials haven’t developed to the stage where a scroll phome won’t be expensive.

    If the phone of the future isn’t a chip in the arm/ear, this may be for those allergic to the alternative 😀

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