Like the Phoenix, NITEL/Mtel rises from the ashes

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Back in December 2014, after the successful acquisition of NITEl/Mtel by NATCOM Consortium, I wrote a piece titled Three things the new Mtel can do right away. Here are the three things that I listed in that article:

  • introduce more pocket-friendly voice and data tariffs, especially the latter
  • forget about a 2G network and start off with a 3.75G network for data: 100% 3.75G network coverage
  • deliver superior quality service


It looks like the new company plans to do a little better. NITEL plans to relaunch before the end of this year with the following:

  • launch with not 3.75G network, but 4G LTE

We have no idea yet how pocket-friendly the tariffs will be. As for superior quality service, we shall have to wait to see about that. But, at least, they are re-launching with a 4G network, which beats 3.75G any day.

However, ITWebAfrica says that initial launch happening next month will be restricted to Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt before being extended to other cities across Nigeria. The news report also says that the company will operated under the brand “Ntel”.

We are keeping fingers crossed.


  1. great development. I hope their tariff will be cheaper, fostering stiffer competition between telecom companies and value for us consumers.

  2. So, the NATCOM Consortium still owns Nitel? Let’s wait and see just how competitively good their Service would be..

  3. Can dey survive with how far the others have gone? Do they have the wherewithal?? Starting from only 3 states shows struggling already

  4. It’s all good and fine reading about what they are planning to do with Mtel and NITEL but with all the previous times they’ve promised to revamp the carrier and failed one couldn’t help but be skeptical on this,wishing this time will be different though,to the glory of us consumers..

  5. lol, it doesn’t. it’s a controlled rollout, you don’t start in all the areas you hope to operate

  6. Ntel actually inherits a lot o infrastructure from Nitel with far more rural penetration. All that will be done is resurrection and upgrading. Its not so bad for them. Far better than starting from the scratch

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