Limitless Snap lets you watch videos indefinitely on SnapChat

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SnapChat now has a feature that allows you to keep your snaps open until a recipient exits. This is called the Limitless Snap mode. This feature was launched a few days ago, alongside a Magic eraser tool and a Loop tool that allows you to watch a snap as many times as you want.

Note that Limitless Snaps will still delete after closing. But for as long as you keep them open, they will remain available on your device. The Magic Eraser tool helps you edit things in the background that you don’t want in your snap.snapchat limitless snap

You can find these features in the updated version of the SnapChat app. The Editing layout has a new layout, with the buttons arranged vertically on the top right corner. Inside the Timer settings, you will find the Limitless Snap option at the bottom of the list. Magic Eraser appears under the scissor tool.

Get the updated SnapChat app from Google Play Store, or simply update your app.

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