I Will Take LinkedIn Lite Over The Regular App

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LinkedIn Lite is lightweight and will run smoother than the regular app, especially on smartphones with more limited resources. But is the user interface any good? I found out!

In the beginning, the earliest smartphones ran apps that were small and manageable in size. Symbian, Windows, Palm and BlackBerry apps fell in that category. But then, iOS and Android OS catapulted smartphones into the age of rich media and apps got bigger and bigger. Actually, they got ridiculously huge. For example, the regular LinkedIn app is in the range of 40 MB in size. At over 200 MB, Facebook is much worse.

Of course, not everyone lives in New York City or Amsterdam or Paris or Tokyo – all places where broadband internet is available (at pocket-friendly prices too). Most smartphone users are based in places where internet access is neither affordable, fast, nor reliable. Most also do not use high-end smartphone with solid processing power and large internal storage.

In other words, most smartphone users get frustrated using the new humongous apps.

To solve the problem, app developers began to make lite versions of their apps. Lite apps are smaller in size (usually below 1 MB in size) and run smoothly on devices with lower resources.

LinkedIn has finally joined the family of lite apps. LinkedIn Lite weighs only 664 KB. Woah! Substituting LinkedIn with LinkedIn Lite immediately frees up 39 MB space on your device.

LinkedIn Lite User Interface

So, LinkedIn Lite is lightweight and will run smoother, especially on low-end and mid-range devices where resources are more limited. But would the user interface be as good or better? As excited as i am about lite apps, Facebook Lite had a drab, disappointing UI. I immediately uninstalled it.

So, I installed LinkedIn Lite and gave it a spin. It looks and feels mostly like the regular app. There are a few changes in the location of some menu items, none of which has a serious impact on usability. The lite app is clean and I felt immediately at home with it. As a matter of fact, I am left wondering why the regular app is that bloated in size. The lite app works just as good.

Yes; I will take the LinkedIn Lite app over the regular version, thank you.


  1. Why can’t all this app merge the heavy and the lite apps they have and arrive at a sweet spot. Not too heavy on the ram while still having full features.

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