This lip-reading technology can put anyone in trouble

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There was a time when it was said that pictures did not lie. But PhotoShop ruined that. Video editing made it worse. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, a team of 3 scientists led by Google computer scientist named Supasorn Suwajanakorn has invented a lip-reading technology that can learn how anyone speaks and then use the data to create convincing, fake videos of them saying anything he wants.

Is that sinking in? Do you have any idea how scary that is? This is video editing taken to nightmare levels. Anyone with access to this technology can make a video of you making a terrorist or treasonable statement and put you in big trouble.

lip-reading technology

This new lip-reading technology watches videos of a person talking to learn how to imitate the way they talk. It then can be used to create a convincing, fake video of them. Here is an example of a synthesized video of Barack Obama.

The result is realistic and convincing. A fake video. The results were so convincing that Google hired Supasorn. Again, this is a nightmare. Photos now lie, and even videos can now lie in the most convincing way.

One question I have on my mind though: when working on this new technology, what good did the creators have in mind that this would bring to the world? Wipe out hunger? Kill poverty? Or is this one of those things that was created because we can?



  1. This is definitely a end-time technology without a direct nexus with the betterment of life of the people. I’m yet to grapple it benefit. This could born further research. They just need to have reasons for creating this thing.. Are they trying to make everyone vulnerable?

  2. Or is this one of those things that was created because we can?

    The last.

    By the way, blackmailers would pay a bundle to get hold of this. Imagine.

    …the sky is the beginning…

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