List of VoLTE smartphones confirmed to work on Smile 4G

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You asked and so we got in touch with Smile Communications to ask for a list of VoLTE smartphones that have been tested in-house by them and found compatible with their SmileVoice service. They sent us a list. It is a short one. We will keep updating it as we confirm more devices.

  1. Lumia 640
  2. Lumia 640XL
  3. Samsung Galaxy S6 edge
  4. Samsung J5
  5. Samsung J7

The above phones are LTE phones enabled for VoLTE and do not need the SmileVoice app to make and receive calls over the LTE network. Psst: Has anyone here tried out VoLTE calls on the TECNO Phantom 5?

If you need to use SmileVoice on a non-VoLTE compatible phone, just get an Android or iOS smartphone, install and use the SmileVoice app, and you are good to go.


  1. I hope it works on the G-Power.

    The Huawei G-Power is one awesome device. Walahi. you can check it specifications here

  2. Keep in mind that Microsoft did not officially sell the LTE version of the Lumia 640 XL in Nigeria.

  3. My voice LTE is too expensive. I hate using it my phone support it. It too expensive 1min is 9mb. My wife used like 7mins, equal to 68mb it was crazy to waste money now. If my last data finish that will be the end of it. Other countries are charged at normal rate of kobo per second.

  4. I got a Samsung Galaxy J7 from SLOT. The variant they SOLD (SM J700H) doesn’t have LTE.
    I’m so so so annoyed. I ordered for the phone because the description they posted on their website advertised that it has LTE. I feel as if I have been robbed.

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