Listen to Yomi & Dayo on Tech360 on City 105.1FM this Saturday

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The public faces of MobilityNigeria, Yomi and Dayo, are guests on this weekend’s episode of the radio show, Tech360.

Do be sure to listen in by tuning to City 105.1 FM tomorrow, Saturday from 3.00pm – 3.15pm.

Of course, your feedback and comments on the show are welcome here.


  1. Great idea.

    Guess what, I have Radio on my phone and I have set an Alarm.

    Being thinking, a Mobility Nigeria Podcast wont be a bad idea.

  2. Ok.I ll definetly listen to it! This is a very nice concept as there arent radio/tv shows that are dedicated solely to techy issues

  3. I am in full support of a podcaste This is what has enndeared me to The BBC world service for over 3 decades:being able to adapt to the needs of her listeners in a dynamicallly changing world.

  4. I wish i could listen to the podcast from Delta. I’m sure it’d be available to only those in Lagos!

    By the way; isn’t it possible to record the radio show and convert it to mp3 and put it in the site for non Lagosians to download?

  5. I am listening live now, but I think I support this idea of recording it and converting into mp3

  6. it was great but its just too short.

    Will love to see a weekly discusion on tech stuffs via podcast/radio 30ms minimum, and come on, there should be an app to record radio and save to mp3 …. any 1 with such app

  7. Pls, pls could we begin to think of we guys out side lagos.we also have a high investment of passion in MobilityNigeria. thanks

  8. Yomi, we are waiting for the mp3 file oo. I had my alarm set for that time, unfortunately got caught up in the middle of a wedding at the set time so couldnt tune in

  9. This is just to inform our many readers that Tech360, a technology show on radio will re-run Yomi and Dayo’s interview today on City FM105.1. Time again is 3:00 P.M. Be sure to tune in.

    Also, an mp3 version of the interview will be available for download soon.

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