The combination of mobile and social media keeps democratising media. And live video is the new territory to be conquered. One after the other, social

How to Get Started With Live Video

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The combination of mobile and social media keeps democratising media. And live video is the new territory to be conquered. One after the other, social media platforms are rolling out live video streaming. This Mobility guide walks you through you how to get started.

What Is Live Video?

Live video is a terms used to refer to the process of broadcasting real-time, live video footage to an audience accessing the video stream over the internet. And true to social media’s nature, the audience can interact by responding with comments, likes and similar activities during the broadcast..

Video streaming is available on platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Periscope, and Youtube, among others.

Benefits of Live Video

If you are still not sure why you should give live video a shot, here are a few good reasons to:

  1. Streaming video content can increase audience engagement: we all love video and love to have a say, and live video takes it a step further by allowing your audience to respond to you in real-time. Double wham.
  2. Your brand stands to gain greater exposure: in social circles, the more engaging a brand is with the public, the greater exposure it gets. exposure is what the audience rewards your brand with. This gives you better leverage to sell or achieve whatever other goals you have set for your brand.
  3. It is a good way to start out with video internet content. Traditional video is a cumbersome process for all but professionals. You record. Then you edit and compress. Then you upload. It is not just cumbersome for most, it is expensive and painful. Video streaming removes all other steps apart from recording. It goes live as you record. So, live streaming can be much more convenient, and costs a whole lot less than traditional video content.

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How To Get Started With Live Video

  1. Invest in a good camera phone: the only equipment you need for a live video stream is a good camera phone. Scratch that. A camera phone with a good selfie camera. Maybe add a desk stand or tripod so you can broadcast with your hands free. But those are not essential. Once you have a good cameraphone, you are ready.
  2. Get broadband internet: If you are going to do video streaming, you need broadband or else your live stream will be choppy. Spend on a 4G LTE data plan or a very stable, reliable 3G plan. But get reliable wireless internet. The advantage of wireless internet is that it means you can broadcast from anywhere and at anytime.
  3. But an affordable makeup kit: I have once of those small, black oval brown powder kits. It works well enough for me. Members of the Mobility Arena team have had laughs over this many times. What is an old man doing with a powder kit? They can call the Police if it pleases them. A small make-up kit can help you look better on video. Take my word for it.
  4. Good lighting is essential: If you are going to be recording indoors, you have to pick a position in which your face is well illuminated. Outdoors, unless you want to record special effects, face the direction of the sun for maximum exposure.

How It Works

Once you are ready, launch the app of your choice and tap tap the “Go Live” or “Record” button. Your recording starts and you are live for your audience to view and interact with. When you are done, hit the “Stop” or “End” button. That is it. Live video is that simple to use.

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