I am in one of those moods today. For the last one hour or so, I have been pondering on what it would be like

Living without a telephone…

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No telephone

I am in one of those moods today. For the last one hour or so, I have been pondering on what it would be like to live without a personal active mobile number. I have never been a fan of telephone calls. Telephone calls stress me me. Don’t ask me how. And if you ask my doctor, she won’t tell you either. You know that confidentiality thing? Anyway, I am more at home with email and instant messaging for communication.

Anyway, note that I didn’t say living without a smartphone. Just the telephone part. So, the plan would be to take out my SIM or just put the phone in Airplane Mode and turn on WiFi (yes; you can do that in Airplane Mode) for internet access, and live without a personal mobile number – even if only just for a while. There would be a telephone at home that I could be reached on, and of course, there would be office telephones that I could sometimes be reached on. But I would be free of telephone calls (and SMS) chasing me around everywhere I went.

So, whether or not to implement this plan is the question….


  1. Looks Like A Great Plan, And Would Fit Nicely With My Personal Policy Of Decluttering One’s Life.

    There Should Be ‘no Phone’ Periods….

    Telephone Calls Are Mostly A Distraction. Lots Of Banality Happen On Phones. Buy, You Can’t Take Away The Importance Of Actual Voice Calls On Occasions. There Are Conflicts 6business / Personl) Better Resolved Through Voice Communications… That Would Merely Escalate When Carried Out In Non_Voice Manners..

    Imagine Conveying Your Bereavement, Or Commiseration With A Bereaved.. Via Non_Voice Means.. In An African Setting.

    Quite A Few People Would Be Upset.

    A Note Of Warning. If You Have Not ‘arrived’ Yet (As Maverick, Formerly Known As Mister Mo, Apparently Has), You Better Pick Every Darned Phone Call That Comes Your Way.

    You Never Can Tell When That Call, Informing You Of Your Appointment As Minister Of Cluesomeness Would Come In From The Citadel Of Powerlessness, Would Come In….

    We Have A Saying In My Neck Of The Forest…

    If We Close Our Eyes So That The Devil May Pass Us By, We May Also Miss The Encounter Of The Angel When He Is Right In Front Of Us….

  2. Mo, I’ve had that experience of being without any phone. It happened by coincidence when I lost two phones in the space of a week, and stayed without any phone for up to 2 weeks.
    It felt like a nightmare, but I learnt a lot from the serenity it afforded me. I’m writing the things I learnt on my blog soon.

  3. One of my most cherished moments is when I don’t have access to voice calls. I’m more interested in data than voice. I cant afford to be off data buh voice can go to hell.
    Sometimes I just let my phones ring without picking up, moods. I remember years back when I got tired of phones I packed my two phones in their cartons and kept them up my wardrobe. My older bros came back and was complaining he hasn’t been able to reach me for days. He was the one that brought the phones down and made me start using them again.
    This weekend was spent out of coverage area, mehn, what peace!

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