Living without a telephone…

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No telephone

I am in one of those moods today. For the last one hour or so, I have been pondering on what it would be like to live without a personal active mobile number. I have never been a fan of telephone calls. Telephone calls stress me me. Don’t ask me how. And if you ask my doctor, she won’t tell you either. You know that confidentiality thing? Anyway, I am more at home with email and instant messaging for communication.

Anyway, note that I didn’t say living without a smartphone. Just the telephone part. So, the plan would be to take out my SIM or just put the phone in Airplane Mode and turn on WiFi (yes; you can do that in Airplane Mode) for internet access, and live without a personal mobile number – even if only just for a while. There would be a telephone at home that I could be reached on, and of course, there would be office telephones that I could sometimes be reached on. But I would be free of telephone calls (and SMS) chasing me around everywhere I went.

So, whether or not to implement this plan is the question….