LOL! The only smartphone with 10x optical zoom didn't see the 41 megapixel king coming

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Whoever pulled off this stunt has a great sense of humour. Some guys working with Nokia parked a truck next to a Samsung billboard marketing the Samsung Galaxy Zoom as “The only smartphone with 10x optical zoom.” The sign on the side of the Nokia truck, however, reads:

Still, it didn’t see this coming. The Lumia 1020.. exceptional zoom without the exceptional bulk.

Nokia PureView versus Samsung Zoom

I think it is a brilliant comeback! I’d love to see Samsung throw something back too…. I mean, we should have more of these brawls. Big Brother Africa is over. I could use some entertainment of this sort. Thanks too to the guys at UK Mobile Review who captured the joke.


  1. I think the concept of selling a phone with the primary feature as its camera is a foolish move. Pure ditigal cameras wud always be beta at the job they are to do. There are still other features involved in camera features, exposure etc. Zoom isnt the most critical thing and is a weak selling point

  2. Like i have always said. Anything above 8megapixel is overkill. So someone like me that loves apps, internet and battery life will not be impressed with all this 41megapixels or a phone with optical zoom. If i need serious camera work i will go for a dedicated camera. Jack of one trade and Master of one is what i believe in.

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