As a rule, we do not usually associate ‘free’ products with ‘top-notch’ performance. There are of course exceptions, notably open source applications such as OpenOffice

LonelyCatGames (LCG) Xplorer – the titanic Symbian file explorer

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As a rule, we do not usually associate ‘free’ products with ‘top-notch’ performance. There are of course exceptions, notably open source applications such as OpenOffice – a capable replacement for MicroSoft Office Suite.

However, every now and then, you run into an application that is so well made you wonder ‘how come this is free?”. What do the Authors have to gain?

Such a mobile application is Youlu Address Book (simply the best Contacts manager available for mobile phones –

Another immensely useful mobile application is Xplorer. This is an extraordinary file explorer for Symbian phones. Here is an applicaton that is regularly updated, and keeps getting progressively better. The latest version as I write this is version 1.52.

In this era of progressively bigger storage on mobile phone, we tend to fill our devices with thousands of files.We therefore need a capable application to ‘explore’ and manipulate these numerous files. Enter the LCG Explorer. It does much more than just ‘explore’ files.

If you own a Symbian phone, you want to give this program a spin. There are of course other competing / similar applications like Y-Browser. But feature for feature, LCG XPlorer seems to be the most versatile and easy to use.

As is expected of any file explorer, you can copy, move, rename and delete and carry out the usual file operations. Where it makes sense, the operations can be done on several files simultaneously. You can create folders. You can explore system files.

Additionally, you can send files via bluetooth, you can manage archives (create, extract) in the more common formats like .zip.

The program also makes provision for the manipulation of any file received via bluetooth transfer. You can move that file to another folder. You can not do this with the inbuilt Symbian File Manager.

This file ‘explorer’ allows you change the ‘attributes’ of files (to – hidden, system orread-only), define shortcuts to frequently accessed folders and can give system information about your device as well as a spefified file.

You want to quickly view a Microsoft Office Word Document? You are in luck! It is faster than opening your stock Office Application. Editing a text file is accommodated, A hexadecimal viewer is also provided.

If you focus on a particular file, LCG XPlorer is smart enough to recognize it and suggest appropriate steps to take. For instance, highlighting an audio or video file makes Xplorer show controls to play that file with its inbuilt audio / video player.

In connection with this, you can also associate specific file extensions with specific applications. For instance, when you click on a file with the extension ‘.jpg/’, you may want that file to be opened by a specific application.

Searching for a particular file (or range of files – via wildcards) is supported (both on your phone memory and memory card)

Like I said at the beginning of this write-up, the program is ‘free’ for use. However, there is a ‘nag screen’ that you need to endure. If, however, you want to support further development of the application (and eliminate the initial startup nagging screen), you can buy it.

Comparing the in-built Symbian File Explorer to the LCG XPlorer is like comparing ‘sleep’ and’ ‘death’. LCG Xplorer is that far ahead.

Give this program a shot (download from


  1. Really good app, a symbian phone cant just do without x-plore.

    This is one app among others nokia could license and make it a default application… Most symbian themes recognize the app n changes its icon just like a system app.

  2. Whenever I’m ‘pimping’ a Symbian phone, X-plore is ALWAYS the first app I install. It’s features are amazing. I’m looking for its counterpart in Windows7.

  3. LCG x-plore is a very useful app, everybody should download it.

    I use it for accessing all files, including system and hidden files
    I use it for sending protected files
    and also for extracting files or apps from my SMS.

    its one of the reasons, I love symbian.

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