Look out: Apple might release a 4 inch smartphone this March

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Before now, rumors have been flying around that Apple is planning on making a 4- inch iPhone. We even strongly believed it would be launched alongside the iPhone 6s, but that didn’t happen. It appears there’s still demand for it. Speculations abound over what this phone would be called – an iPhone 6C?


An analyst revealed that the device would be named “iPhone 5e”, and it would be unveiled in Apple’s next event. The phone is said to be powered by the older A8 chip, 1GB of RAM and 8-megapixel rear camera. The phone is also expected to support Apple Pay, NFC and VoLTE capabilities.

Expected to cost at about $500, would people still buy such a device? I thought we have all migrated to 5-inch screens 🙂




  1. hmmm, my problem with these small(er) phones is the OEMs rarely put the same internals in them as they would their large(r) flagships. report says 1 GB of RAM (last generation of iPhones had 2 GB), the old A8 chip and an 8 MP camera. basically anyone who wants a small(er) phone must accept some performance/specs tradeoffs

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